I’ve been perfectly happy today pottering around my flat, googling makers marks and occasionally stopping to watch something on Netflix. We have scaffolding still up the block so I can’t even watch the world go by. It’s like I’m in a little insulated bubble here, although I still found myself getting cold. To the extent that I put the heating on. Out of season but now I’m toasty.

Tomorrow I’ve got to try to empty the van. It’s going back up north and it’s still full of books and stuff. Records. My uncle’s clothes. Things I haven’t had the headspace or knowledge to sort. Today saw me in the flat again reducing the number of boxes and then getting another one from the van and repeating. Tomorrow will be learning lines and carrying boxes. Life’s rich tapestry.

It’s the anniversary of The Hindenburg Disaster. A transatlantic airship up in flames. It brought an end to public confidence in that form of transport. I wonder what the world would be like if it hadn’t happened – if we’d have loads of blimps in the sky. Transport plus advertising, plus they’re quiet. Problem is once you’ve seen those photos you don’t want to go near one.


I love a balloon. My dad crossed the Alps in a hot air balloon and I drew a picture of it in art class aged like ten so I must’ve been inspired by him. Maybe we should bring back airships. I guess they’re slow, and vulnerable. But they feel like magic. And they’re probably pretty fuel efficient.

So yeah, you’re wind dependent. Usually you’d need to budget about 100 hours of flight time to go to Frankfurt to New Jersey. But one time they smashed it home in 43 hours, which might have annoyed all the passengers if the bed and board was part of a set price, as it was pretty luxurious up there until it caught fire. Such a shame. And helium is heavier than hydrogen. Something like that but not with a flammable gas would be huge and so very vulnerable to wind.

Yep. That’s my day. Thoughthole about zeppelins, oh look a Meissen with no arms, episode of Bojack, cup of tea, another random thoughthole. I ran myself out of bleach spray. I’ll be off to the hardware store tomorrow for more. I’m still finding lovely things, but I can feel time edging away in this work. It’s rewarding to me though. Taking something covered in smokey gunk and making it look halfway normal again is quite satisfying, if time consuming. But I’m never going to be stuck for something to do again, God help me.

Anyway all that aside I’m putting this down and putting on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I probably won’t blog after as I know how you all hate spoilers…

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