Tristan came round last night after work. I needed some help with the plates and offered him an hourly rate to lend a hand. We were supposed to be starting in the morning but we stayed up too late and I woke with a shock at 11. I’ve got a better handle on what’s there though. Service for Carol will be eccentric, but that’s fine. It’s an eccentric show. It’s unusual having a friend round the flat on the clock. But he works hard, and it was good to have him – I could do the internet work of identifying and ebaying things, while he did the practical stuff of reducing the number of boxes in the flat. There are still so many plates and nowhere to put them. Once I’ve got service for Carol I’ll have to think about storage.

Once Tristan was off to work in the evening I just settled to read a script, and breathed out a bit. I’m meeting for some telly on Wednesday, so wanted to sit with it now for a while to start to let the words sink in. Only one scene to learn but it’s a nice part and would fill a gap, plus get the summer off to a decent start. I enjoy reading, and it was a sweet love story which I wouldn’t normally read. It’s made me feel quite whimsical. Would be nice to be involved, and telly auditions have been few and far between over the years so a pleasant bit of work to have to do anyway, to learn towards one of them.

This long weekend is a boon. I’ve felt no pressure to leave the house today. I stumbled up to Tesco in my tracksuit to get a bit of food, but with everything still shut tomorrow as well, I can allow a day of nothing but reading and sorting. The work of sorting and cleaning porcelain is still feeling Sisiphean especially with acting work starting to pick up, but I’m getting through it. And bleach buckets sort of work with busts, but they strain the brightness out of colored porcelain a bit. God. If you’d told me a year ago I’d know this much about ceramics I’d laugh at you. I remember my dad teaching me a year ago about the value of some bits of China. He had some figurines and the least showy one had the most value. He asked me which of them was the best and I guessed correctly because I knew how his mind worked, so the interaction stuck in my memory.

Just a workaday blog today. Getting it written so I can go back to the important business of chilling out. I’ll try to do something more interesting tomorrow… We shall see if I manage.

Right now just me and the cat, Sunday night, chilling. Gonna read another book. Rock and roll, baby.


Author: albarclay

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