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I’m a quick learner. Always have been. But my interest has got to be engaged. I’ve never really been interested in porcelain. Or patriotism. But suddenly I’m starting down the road to being a patriotic porcelain expert. There’s a lot of this stuff. Coronations of various monarchs. Anniversaries. Special occasions. Any opportunity to wave flags really. “Prince Charles is marrying Lady Diana because she is pretty.” Owch.


Looking through it I’m wondering if someone is still churning this stuff out. “Brexit first default celebration date mug” None of this stuff from today has much value, even though it’s all interesting and lots of it’s very old.  Much will be amazing for Christmas Carol. And one or two pieces, if I’m careful not to miss them, will raise enough money to make things worth my time. Problem is, to find these bits, I need to sort it all. And to sort it all I need to fill my house with boxes. And  everything is covered in soot. The house it came from had a major fire. What was saved was thrown into boxes in no particular order. Lots of it is broken. Sets have all been split up and put into different boxes so really I’ve got to sort the lot and clean it and identify it before I start listing anything good because sets are better if I’m selling and you can’t sell stuff covered in soot. Plus I want to find about 160 serviceable low value plates of roughly consistent sizes in order to guarantee two full services for 80 covers so we can run shows with Fable Feast and Christmas Carol etc using our own plates – plates are a big expense to rent and here’s an opportunity to have them for free. Particularly handy if they’re the right era for Scrooge already.

All of this is an opportunity so long as I keep moving. And it’s an opportunity to remember to keep moving as well. Inertia and despair have been my biggest enemies so far in the strange few decades I’ve been experiencing. In this process I can see very clearly the results of movement through this business reflected in my PayPal balance, and in my weekly storage bills shrinking. As I get better I get faster and more adept at choosing my battles, and knowing when to take a load of mid value boxes to charity, or to sell stuff in bulk. It’s a blessing that I’ve got so much space in the flat and that Brian is tolerant of the constantly changing nature of my random. It’s an absolute bastard carrying all these boxes of porcelain up the stairs though. Who the hell has this many plates?! It’s wonderful as we will have choice of what to use. You could feed the five thousand with this stuff. It’s definitely an opportunity if I keep at it.

I reckon at least another month of other people’s plates and clothes before I start to get involved in my own junk and really making room in my flat. But that’s dependent on me not landing some vocational work, which is something I’d never want to depend on…

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