Sorting and selling and dumping

A guy I sold a bag to last week sent me a photo of the same bag reconditioned. He’s worked on it for a week and he’s thrilled. It was just a tired old leather bag to me, really, but it was something he both wanted and understood. I was perfectly happy when he bought it, having neither the time nor the expertise to transform it. It’s been moldering in an attic for over seven years and now someone loves it. There’s a pleasure in the transference. It’s the first experience I’ve had of a stranger showing me how they had directly benefitted from my somewhat pragmatic eBay sales frenzy. I’ve got the costs of a very expensive excursion to Jersey to recoup so it’s lovely to know that things are finding homes, just as it’s lovely to know they’re leaving my space.

If I had the space I’d probably keep all of it against the possibility of it coming in handy in something theatrical, but thankfully I don’t have the space so I’m having to be ruthless about what I keep. Tomorrow I’m getting started on plates, and so long as I’ve got enough for two full Christmas Carol services then I’ll be thrilled. Anything surplus can and will go to charity or eBay or out out out and away.

The Factory just started their week in Wales today. If you’re towards Clwyd then will tell you where they’re doing it. I’m in London though, hoping I can properly activate this week to clear through things and also work out the extent of what I have. Tomorrow I’ll be trying to empty the storage I have. Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be sorting a lot of unusual things. Anyone who likes that sort of thing and has time and headspace, all help is welcome, as is the company of someone doing their own thing while I do it. I find myself quite solitary when I’m at home these days, and I’m beginning to discover that I like to have another human to bounce ideas off.

Today was about tiles. I’ve listed lots of beautiful antique Wedgwood Midsummer Night’s Dream tiles that part of me wanted to keep for my bathroom on eBay. I am getting better at parting with things though. I wanted to keep them because they’re nice and Shakespeare etc etc. But no, Al. Right now it’s about putting things into the world in return for money. or good energy. There might come another time when I flip that energy flow but right now it’s eBay, Amazon, this blog, and whatever else I’m called to throw out to whoever will take it. Once my living space is clearer I have a sense I’ll continue to throw things out but they’ll get more figurative and not so literal. But if I’ve got no room on my writing desk I can’t very easily write. I’ve grown adept at thinking into my phone now, which is a blessing and a curse. But a designated working area in my home would be helpful, might result in some interesting things, and is eminently achievable if I just keep engaged in this process of sorting and selling and dumping…


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