“Immersive content”

Momentary blip accommodated, and on we go. Thanks for the messages. I always find it’s better to lance the boil.

I met some extraordinary young men in my work today. One of them had been trapped in gang culture and had to move city to break the pattern. The other was self harming and battling serious personal demons at a very young age. Both of them have risen to a leadership where they are able to mentor other people. Both have great momentum and perspective, hard won in your twenties, precious at any stage of life. They’ll be involved in the thing I’m doing tomorrow. It’s a lovely thing and I’m still not sure how much if anything I’m allowed to say about it.

I had a full day today though. Rehearsal all day and I got to try on my police uniform. I’ve got the most phallic rubber truncheon you can imagine and it’s full of wet sand so it gently leaks when it’s warm.


Nice to have a uniform. Apparently it cost a load to rent. But it looks the part. I mostly watched people sing and occasionally demonstrated how impossible it is to rehearse “immersive content” (ie being charming to strangers while maintaining a pretend world ie what tiggers do best) We have been moving people from one end of a room to another while they pretend to be insane alien children and we pretend not to notice. It’s mildly absurd and Tristan and I as the old lags are having to try to stop ourselves from saying “It’ll be alright on the night.” I was caught by the director on more than one occasion running versions of “Just get over the other side of the room and pretend I’ve done it in character I’m bored of you pretending to be insane.” I guess it’s better to pressure run these things and be prepared if any of the audience do turn out to be mad aliens. But most likely it’ll turn out to be a delightful and amenable bunch of people with just the inevitable one or two psychopaths. And the way to deal with individuals and groups of people never really becomes apparent until you’ve met the individuals themselves and then it’s instinctive and instant.

On which subject I had another vanfull tonight. It was so full I couldn’t fit one visiting friend in, which felt churlish in the extreme, especially since I’ve been trying to persuade her to come along and play sitar. Still a great deal of fun, although some friend’s experiences had to be rushed. Mel somehow managed to stretch a fifteen minute session into 25 minutes which is extremely hard to cope with when there’s a backlog. I ended up having to turf a friend into the tunnel to make room for an unexpected oversold show. It’s difficult to do the people management and the show simultaneously if timings go kablooie. It’s hard enough when they’re on track. I found I was unable to keep the world and catch the people that fell through the cracks. We need a third person, but we aren’t even paying ourselves. My friend is making more to cover one night than I will for the whole run after expenses. Ahhh theatre.

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