A day of waiting

I thought I’d be just about to depart for London now. It’s almost 3pm. I’m still in the house I slept in, sending emails and bonding with the dog. It suddenly occurred to me that it would be smart to write this now as I think I’ll be unloading furniture into the small hours at this rate. And then I’ll be too tired to write.

The van went in for a service this morning. It needed 3 new tyres and they had to order them in. I hadn’t anticipated this at all. I just assumed it would be ready to go. So I’m paralysed. I’m being paid for today, so I can’t complain, but we are going to have to be extremely cunning and diligent to get all this stuff into this van anyway. It’s a big van. Bigger than the long wheel base transit I was going to have despite Dan trying to blarney me about square footage when I told him we’d dodged a bullet. There’s a huge amount of furniture here. We threw some of it in last night which was probably an exercise in futility as we’ll have to rearrange everything to get the rest packed in, especially as we loaded it in the dark. We can’t rearrange now as the van is jacked up. And the loading still to do makes up a fraction of the whole job.

It’s 4 hours drive to London in an unfamiliar vehicle whenever the heck we finally get to leave. Then just two people – one of us big and one very little – we two will have to unload all of this stuff into a warehouse in Borough under cover of darkness. I’m really feeling every second that ticks by as I sit here. The sun is already close to setting and I keep going and looking at it. Damn these short winter days.

It’s lovely here, don’t get me wrong. I’m just chewing my arm off with inaction. I’ve been wearing my outdoor coat for the last hour. I keep walking to the door as if I’m leaving. Not doing anything when there’s loads to do is the worst, especially when there’s nothing I CAN do but wait. These guys at the garage said they’d have the tyres by lunchtime. I am really really frustrated right now.

So I’ve been editing copy for a friend’s website. And earlier we took the dog for a walk. He’s a cutie, although I find that I prefer cats now I’ve got one. He’s just so dumb compared to Pickle. Still, he’s affectionate, and had his head on my lap despite me having just insulted his intelligence.


I’m going to stop writing for a bit and get back to pacing up and down, checking my WhatsApp every five seconds and swearing to myself.

Ten to five in the morning. I just walked in the door. Up early tomorrow but thankfully Max has arranged it so I can park at the Natural History Museum tomorrow while I go a-dayjobbing. Then back to the furniture as it’s another half a day’s work to get it stored. Brush teeth. 3 hours sleep. Off again.


Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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