Back in the smoke

Straight back into London life today but it feels unusual, somehow as if the normal state of affairs is to be woken up by the sun in a tent, and then to spend the day wide angle, surrounded by beautiful things and shiny people, under the sky. I’ve essentially been living outdoors for most of this month. I haven’t managed a night in the bivouac yet, properly under the stars. Maybe Thursday, temperature permitting. I’m feeling pretty light now, and pretty grounded too. And very relaxed. This month has been a glorious opportunity to depressurise.

I’m doing laundry right now and sending invoices. Considering there’s no tumble drier I barely have time to get everything washed and dried before I’m off again- this time to Northamptonshire and Shambala Festival. Surely the last one of the season. I’m going to pack smarter this time. I brought no warm clothes to Green Man, and could’ve been in a pickle if the weather had turned. I also had no portable light sources outside of the obligatory glow sticks so I was stumbling around in my tent at night, throwing things hither and yon, losing glasses and contact lenses and stepping on puddles. I’m going to aim for a more organised pack, so that’s what tomorrow is for – if the clothes are dry by then. I also have no idea how I’m getting up there. It’s not far to Northamptonshire but I don’t want to carry all my festival stuff on the train…

Considering how much tickets cost if you buy them, I’ve been very fortunate this summer to be asked to do such a variety of interesting things at festivals and to get all my expenses back. I won’t finish this month smiling about my bank balance, but I won’t be cursing it either. I don’t even fully understand what we’re doing at Shambala yet. I’m totally relaxed about it working out fine, as it is certainly within my skillset. I think it involves being energetic and quick thinking in character for much of the day. The hours are comparatively long, but there’ll be a big group of us together and I reckon it’ll be entertaining work.

I was invigilating this morning, but I’ve invited a friend for dinner as she is going to Shambala as well, and we have something we want to build for the festival circuit next year so we can pitch a complete experience and see if we can get paid. We might as well makeshift something and scratch it live at Shambala.

Before I go I also have a chance to check out a performance space in London and think about whether we can build a show into it after Carol. All of this starting to kick off and I still need to earmark a month to do Camino. I think I might start on my birthday. All the festivalling has woken up the idea circuits again. It’s lovely to act in things you believe in, and what better way to ensure that you believe in the thing than to make it yourself.


Author: albarclay

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One thought on “Back in the smoke”

  1. As Mscfee told us in Barra or was it fairy pools in Skye? “The entire universe can be learnt in/from a puddle”. Love it, cat x


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