Carrying things

Out in Hodderston in one of those homogeneous industrial estates that pepper British suburbia is a unit called The Scenery Shop. It’s essentially an aircraft hangar sized room that you can paint and cut things in.

We forget that all of those beautiful sets we see in theatres are slammed together out of recycled bits of other people’s sets and new wood and sweat and madness in places like that shop. They’ve been out there sticking lino to things and building curved flats and columns and walls and so forth.

Brian, Mel and I arrived at about 3. I had endeavoured to dose myself such that I wouldn’t leak all over the stuff I was carrying. It’s for “The Rink” at Southwark Playhouse. Looks like they’re building a great big old skate rink. We just had to shove it in the back of a great big articulated van. I got about halfway through before whatever medication I had in my system had been fully sweated out and I was hacking my guts out. Still, a money-positive day and it’ll go towards healthy food, vitamins and medication. Now I’m in the car being driven back through the evening. I like driving with Mel. She drives like I do. We one-bombed it to Liverpool a couple of months ago listening to music and putting the world to rights. Neither of us needed a wee. It took 5 and a half hours, but most of it was getting out of London. She missions when she drives. Now she’s caning it into town and I’m going to try and fight through the fog to see some friends tonight. I’ve earned some money. Now I can spend a bit. Although I don’t actually know how much I’ve made today. “You’ll be paid.” “Amazon vouchers?” “No.” “Twiglets?” “No. Money. I just don’t know how much yet. But I know they’re not taking the piss.” “I’m in.”

Labouring with friends is not a bad way of spending a Sunday afternoon. I’d have positively enjoyed it if I hadn’t been streaming. My current working theory is that I’m beating this sickness though. Antibiotics antibischmotics. I’d sooner do it the slow way. I think I had two bugs simultaneously plus hayfever. God knows what’s happened to my immune system.

So I’m going to go out tonight. Not big. But out. I might feel rough but that’s no reason to stop existing. And experience tells me that staying active when you feel rough can sometimes help you forget you feel rough. Even if it does prolong the sickness a bit. Screw you. I rested yesterday. That’s enough, surely?

I’m seeing some of my “Witches” tonight. In Alice’s tarot she has a new card called “The Witches”. It’s a card about powerful alternative women in your life who exist outside the way things are normally done. When I describe that card to people I always think about the witches in my life, men and women. Alternative thinkers, remarkable humans, some on the borderline, some in the thick of it. Over the years I have assembled the most unbelievably powerful coven. I never ever lack a source of insightful guidance. I never lack someone to walk alongside and just “be” and mutually mend in the process.

Job done. Time for fun.IMG-20180520-WA0001


Author: albarclay

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2 thoughts on “Carrying things”

  1. You Londoners to seem to suffer with health problems. Maybe it is the diesel. I often wondered in days gone by when they experts thought diesel was good had ever walked behind a Routemaster. In crossover smoking days the favourite hang out for movie breakfasts was on Sunset. Smokers, us, were sent to the back of the room with air con and non-smokers on the pavement next to the Hollywood transit stinking buses.


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