Food and friends

Minnie’s baby is now way too big to comfortably fit inside her belly. I guess there’s no putting those things back. Once they’re out, they’re out. We all went for breakfast in Catford, and did a spot of bouncing. I tried to project forward imaginatively to when I’m old and she’s in the struggle, but I couldn’t really make sense of the shape of the future. She’ll be in it for sure, so long as I still am. Even if I’ve retired to Raratonga with my millions from that movie. But for now, the simple pleasures of bouncing, mixed with a chance to catch up with a dear old friend who has a lot of her time accounted for these days… Golden.

Once she’s a bit older I’ll be able to babysit. But for her purposes right now my little nipples just don’t cut the mustard for her needs. She wants her mum.

When we did Macbeth on Sunday, two of the actors were pregnant. Before the show there was a “no grabbing Lady Macduff around the stomach when you’re murdering” note. I guess that’s the age I’m at now. Babies. Better than the times that are coming.

Babies. It’s noticeable how completely dependent we are for so long in our early life. Some people never quite get away from that dependence, even if the nature of it changes. If all technology stopped working immediately and unexpectedly, more than half the population of London would be dead within a week, probably myself included. Dehydration, rioting, gangs. But mostly people would starve waiting for their online shopping.

I’m broke still but with plenty of money pending. Cashflow again. Thankfully my friends are awesome. I look forward to paying it forward. Minnie, Rhys, Zeph and I had breakfast together and Rhys showed me the Osho Zen Tarot which he has just ordered from Oregon. It’s a very wise deck and beautifully drawn. He doesn’t know it yet, or the tarot, but we took some cards and played around before it got too busy, and it was great and insightful.

Then I got lunch with Brian and checked in with him. I’m so lucky to live with such a glorious human being. It’s important to hang out without being in the context of work or home from time to time when you have a friendship that exists in all three worlds. We ate noodles which is normally a Minnie and Al tradition. It seems noodles are my go to friendship food.

This evening I was planning on a quiet one and an early bed, but I got fished out of solitude and hauled off to Brixton in an Uber for a few hours of street food on this fine Spring evening. My friend’s control-freak girlfriend was in a plane. Normally she watches him on a tracker but it needs the internet to work, and it’s his birthday on Thursday so he wanted to celebrate this momentary freedom from parole. To his credit he’s about 60 days sober so this was a dry night, but we went for street burger and then a damn good cheeseboard. Here I am – regretfully leaving the cheeseywine place sober.


We have everything at our fingertips here in this city. Yes it’s expensive. But if I wanted a Yak’s Hoof in aspic delivered to me tomorrow evening by four singing transvestite nuns in a pink Bentley I could probably make that happen. While it works, this city is remarkable. And I can’t wait for summer. Bring the sun. Not the zombie apocalypse though. Just the sun please. Thanks.


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