Snow Day

Snow. Looking out the window at the edge of the peaks this morning, everything looked beautiful.


A carpet of white over it all stretching up into the foothills. Made all the more perfect by the fact that I don’t have to leave the house for work today. As I looked out I thought of all the people across the country breaking their legs, crashing their cars and losing their phones. Nobody can cope with snow in this country. All the schools close, most of the trains get cancelled, everything falls apart. If someone blows themselves up on a train everyone goes to work anyway and damned if that’s going to stop them living their life. If a bit of frozen water falls out of the sky then the whole nation goes into lockdown.

Work today was conducting a mock interview over the phone. Wrapped up in my Hogwarts dressing gown and big fluffy socks I pretended to be a manager at a technology company while someone rang me up. I had spent a few hours consuming an extraordinarily overblown CV, and then tried to help this very high achieving young candidate to remember that it’s alright to be a human as well as a good employment prospect and a series of qualifications. I’ll meet them next week for a mock interview in person. Having spoken for 20 minutes I put the phone down knowing that the day was mine.

Robin and I went to Bowlee to meet a van full of Estonians. Brian had sent the Suzuki bike back up north, along with his crocked Benelli. Both bikes, for London prices, are value write offs. The guy at Metropolis doesn’t like Italian or Japanese bikes, so his interest isn’t piqued, and labour costs in London are too high to make it worth fixing them there. By the time you’ve paid for parts and labour you might as well have bought a new bike. Which is ridiculous as they’re both perfectly good machines – granted the Benelli is lethal. 

The Estonians took them both up from London in a Luton for just £125. They made it in the snow without destroying the bikes or crashing the van. They can stay at Bowlee and get worked on slowly over time. It’ll be something of a labour of love by Robin, but it means there’s a fighting chance that one or both of them will be on the road before summer is out.

We only unloaded them today. There’s no way you can ride in this. We drove past abandoned cars at the bottom of steep streets in Rochdale. We were skidding all over the place in Robin’s Clio, but that was mostly intentional. The car has “snow mode” but sometimes it’s fun to switch that off. But no matter how stupidly we might drive on four we aren’t going on two wheels in this. The roads are mostly ice. It’ll probably only last a few days, but meantime nobody will show up to work, and everyone will go to the park with their kids and what’s left of the economy will collapse but we’ll all have fun.

Last year I was at an Oscars party!

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