Being on show time is having a noticeable effect on the quality of my blogging. I have to peak at about 8pm. So I’m husbanding my energy in the meantime, and not feeling very creative. Today I was dayjobbing before the show. I invigilated two exams at Imperial. I sat quietly in a concentrated room for 4 hours. I could easily have knocked something out blogwise, but I didn’t feel like it. I don’t tend to fancy dissecting my day until the day is finished. But that means that post show I have two pulls on my attention. 1) I have to write a blog before I sleep. 2) I’ve just thrown positivity haphazardly at a room full of strangers and I feel I want beer to dampen the adrenaline and bring me sleepwards. That and “put the shutters back” “be charming to strangers” “don’t miss the last tube.” etc

Yesterday I focused so hard on pull number 2 (get drunk) that pull number 1 (write blog) was left until I was literally incapable of anything other than wordcolours and vitriol. Tonight I’ve managed to pull myself out earlier. I can still tell which part of my brain hates me and which part doesn’t. But it’s hard to write a blog that isn’t about the show. So it’s another one of those while the bath is running.

I had a twitter friend in tonight. She arrived, immediately commandeered the best seat which I was proud to witness, and sent the chef into paroxysms by being a vegetarian who is allergic to mushrooms. I wanted her to have a good show. Natalie wanted her to have food. The veggie option is mushrooms. Chaos ensued. She got … Something. I hope she liked it. The veg is great anyway.

Gail had been provider of many of the names on Scrooge’s debt board, including Nocturnus Dickpick, the skillful artist who thinks he has hit on the the perfect way to find love, but somehow his works of art are never received quite how he hopes they will be. Despite chaos with food it was good to have an ally front and centre. I had an anchor. And it was another joyful shoq, but to a relatively small house 

Tomorrow there are two capacity shows back to back. This evening’s calm and focused audience was a beautiful rarity, I fear. They really got the show, and the conventions. It’s a strange show for that. I’m essentially under a spell so the fourth wall sometimes clangs down on me like a safety curtain while I get thrown back or forward in time. It’s early immersive theatre – it’s seven years old now. Still works though.

If last week is anything to go by, tomorrow is going to be carnage. My liveliest audience member this evening was lovely and ended up Whatsapping me a photo of Scrooge in Victorian nightie at the window, prancing.


Since I’ve taken no photos as usual it can be the one for today. If you want context for the shot you’ll have to come see the show, he says enigmatically, knowing it’s pretty much sold out after tonight. Natch.


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