First day down

God it’s nice to relax. Now we are entering the run of Christmas Carol, and it’s going to be a treat. But first I needed a day of recuperation from the crazy build and adjustment process. It’s a very new space, a bigger audience, and a different dynamic. And there have been lots of teething problems with the new venue, around power and plumbing and heating, but also around a very different audience. Jack and I have it sorted now. This week is going to be hilarious, mental, full on and delightful. Jack and I are ready for it.

There is no actor in the world that I would sooner work with than Jack Whitam. We worked every summer for years making well worked delightful Shakespeare outdoors in Yorkshire. We have filmed together. We made theatre-parties in bars and in rooftops. We toured the USA with Much Ado About Nothing. We scratched a Beowulf in a flat in East London that might well have a life beyond that flat.

This is the third year we’ve been Scrooge and Marley and we know how to roll with the changes. We have a remarkable shorthand on stage – it’s as close to telepathy as it’s possible without being submitted for scientific experiments. In all honesty, you probably could learn something scientifically from the way we send complicated sentences to one another silently with total mutual understanding. Basically it’s a total delight working with him and I’m looking forward to another week. Today I rested until the evening. Then I went for a silent chant with the Buddhists in my area, making sure the universe was resonating with me. I brought my friend Mel, who has been struggling with a deeply unpleasant home situation, just in the hope that it would help her.

Heading home, I ended up running into my neighbor, who found common ground with Mel, to the extent that I presided over their discussion, still on full vocal rest, and being very deliberately silent as they spoke, providing the beer. This led to him offering his place in LA for me to shack up in during pilot season. Which might be brilliant if it’s not pie in the sky, because he was then sick twice shortly thereafter. He’s the guy I was sick with at Wolf Alice. Maybe he just likes a sick and knows that I can’t tell him it’s gross because I’ve done it in his company. I told him I can’t book flights without knowing for sure if it’s on the line. He says it’s empty… It’s tempting. I’ve laid the groundwork out there and it means I can dodge winter. The thing that killed me last time was accommodation cost. Maybe… I’ll catch him when he’s sober and I’m allowing myself to speak.

Meantime I’m looking at three weeks of sheer joy with Jack. It won’t be the show we did last year, because it can’t be. It’ll be Jack and I working out and winning in a new dynamic. Bring it.

Ollie wanted to go to a club. Knowing him from experience, I suggested that I walk his dog with him to the club, and then take the dog back. That way I couldn’t be coerced into dancing all night. Here we are at a bus stop outside Peter Jones.


I’m wearing my ski jacket and my mum’s scarf and I’ve said virtually nothing all day. Rock and roll. I’m not sure if the keys he gave me are his only set or not. I didn’t post them in his letterbox in case they were. I’ll be sleeping with my phone on tonight. I’m glad I could go out with him and not get destroyed. Last time was a mess.

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