Too tired for pop

I’ve put some money on Eurovision.

I tried to watch it. I have now seen the two acts I wanted to see. Now I’m going to bed.

Sweden are the favourites. If they win I’ll get some cash. If they don’t I’ll get most of my stake back so long as they are top six.

My main money though? I put it on Australia.

Why the fuck are Australia in Eurovision? I don’t care. They haven’t made the finals in a few years. They pulled all the stops out tonight and sent a throwback eighties rock band who put one finely turned leg on a vintage car and play stupid instruments. If they come top six I’ll get about eighty quid and if they win I’ll be a fivehundredaire.

I did all of that weeks ago. I didn’t realise it would be race weekend. It’s race weekend.

Once again I’m here, surrounded by all the teams and the excitement and the glamour. Once again I’m the driver. I took some people to the boat for a party. One of them knows about this blog – they are part of the legal team. Cover all possibilities! I mean it took me a whole race before I named the event on this, and even then it was only after lots of umming and ahhing and a discussion with her. I live surrounded by NDAs. Friends of mine are doing projects that nobody is supposed to know even exist. I frequently get scripts across the desk where I’m not supposed to have a friend read opposite me because the thing has got legions of those mildly insane fans.

I want those jobs. I’m never gonna risk my precious precious reputation by being leaky because I want those jobs. Also, years ago, I fucked up when I rage-blogged about an old dayjob with poisonous office culture. I made some speculations about people’s motives that were just wrong, and in so doing shut a few doors on myself. It’s hard to be honest and also be vague. I’m trying to tread the line. It’s aided greatly by the fact that this event I’m working on is right-headed and isn’t run by narcissists.

But even though Eurovision is in full swing, I’m not watching anymore. Too much to do. Race day tomorrow, and then the breaking apart, and I’m wanting to make certain I’m useful and used. For which purpose, an early bed once again. Sleep time.

The new wordpress fuckery is that if I try to attach a picture of doesn’t publish the blog. I pay a hundred a year for this shit and I can’t even put a kofi plug-in. Thieves.

Author: albarclay

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