Saul done

I’m not a great binge watcher. My attention span is too limited. I doggedly work my way through some things though, if they catch my imagination. I covered Breaking Bad forever ago, and loved the honest darkness of the performances. Better Call Saul is a worthy follow up and I finally finished the last one just now. No spoilers, don’t worry. It has taken me YEARS. I was interrupted by Bojack, and various other strange wonders, but with the prospect of everything getting very busy again imminently, this cold and rainy summer evening was high time to finish with Jimmy. I’ve occasionally been compared to Odenkirk, as a character actor of similar age. It’s a flattering comparison. These long episodes with no precise editing limit, made with whatever money and time they feel like spending – they have been a canvas on which some wonderful actors have painted long character arcs. Seehorn and Odenkirk in particular but the rest of the cast as well, series after series. It’s great what Netflix have made possible in terms of long term engrossing TV. I guess it’ll be Ozark next for me, and that’ll take me another three years.

Brighton again tomorrow and although I’ve made some small progress there’s just so much to do and I’m far too slow in here.

I’ve been taking big uppers and big downers out of the mix and feel a bit shapeless at the moment. London is feeling noisy and messy and I’m happy to avoid going out in the rain. My warm bed with electric blanket pulls me in earlier than usual and it’s an effort to get back out in the morning if I’m not working for someone else. Brighton will be a welcome break if just to see Lou and be closer to nature. It seems that there’s always someone hammering or drilling in this town. Right now with scaffolding up my block it often feels like there’s someone scraping the inside of my brain first thing in the morning.

I’ve got myself a huge mug of chamomile and I’m feeling like an old man as I put myself to bed early sipping it. Lovely to have his higgledy-piggledy flat full of my weird things. Time to change but I find it hard clicking into gear. We have to change if we are gonna progress. Adapt or stagnate. I’ve lost patience with friends who have chosen the latter in some aspects of their lives, and yet here I am still surrounded by old things.

And the wind blows.

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