Premier night

A Premier Inn in Stoke. The Purple Palace. It’s where I’m sleeping. It’s great. Occasionally for this job we’ve been in an Airbnb that has been picked for price. In fact, the last one I had no towel and the bathroom was shared with everyone else. I couldn’t wash myself in the morning.

The young men and women I’m working with are excellent. They likely have a strong future ahead of them. All I can do is facilitate their learning and help expand their understanding. There’s a great deal left for each of them to explore, and they all need to grow in different ways to make the best of themselves. I’m proud to be part of the mentoring team. I think they’ve assembled some pretty excellent humans for them to be mentored by, with rich lives. I’m stoked to be part of a team that is training people to this level. It’s an American company, and you can feel the America, because everything seems possible! Hoo-Ahh it’s the American Dream!!

The youth did hold up some extremely suspect human beings as “Entrepreneurial heroes”. Elon Musk, one of them said repeatedly, as if that was a badge of quality. As if they were trying to say something worse, another one said Andrew Tate. If you’re a decent human you won’t know his name. Sadly I do. Don’t Google him and add to the hits. He’s a chinless bald liar who thinks he’s alpha because he’s reworked the whole concept of “Alpha Male” to take out the science and replace it with ideas that can be followed by the legions of terrified men who look for his videos online. He’s a posturing wimp.

Then they name Donald Trump. And so we realise how the people who make the pursuit of money their primary motive are just ugly ugly people. Roly-poly ancient decaying Strumpf who has persuaded the desperate of America that he speaks for them, when really he just speaks for their self-protection instinct translated through himself.

And fecking Elon who doesn’t understand humans or nuance, who has made a ton without needing to care about how satire works, who has bought one of the biggest social media thing in order to destroy it.

I am trying to mentor these guys and that’s what comes out when they are asked? There’s definitely work to do here on compassion, even if I’m pointedly and deliberately keeping politics out.

It’s harder than it should be now, as someone gave them my surname and they found me online. That has humanised me to whoever might have found this link and it means that now I can’t write anything that I wouldn’t feed back to them in person, until that particular cohort is out into the world. Tricky. I already have much to juggle. I will never know how they got my surname. I think they just asked someone on the team but why they gave it out is anyone’s guess… I usually prefer to go by Alex in these circumstances anyway just to obfuscate. Who knows. I’m much more interested in the students and their education than the politics around it. You know this, oh constant reader. I do all the things. I do them and I do them well. I’m not a specialist. Acting is my primary. But… Jack of all trades. Master of one? Given a few more years and a couple more good cracks of the whip…

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