Up to the smoke despite Valentine’s

A clear crisp day. In the morning we were down to the beach. Sun on skin. Endorphins and vitamin D. Crucial at this time of year, and the banjo groyne is a good bit of seaside. Getting to know Brighton and the environs has been a lovely bonus extra to getting to know Lou.

I’ve eaten a lot of breakfasts out recently, and spent a lot on coffee. Definitely worth addressing those habits considering I’m pretty concerned about cashflow at the mo. I have that Aeropress. If I bring it and a bag of coffee to Brighton I’ll save myself about six quid a day. Like oil and pizza we all kept paying while the price of coffee crept up and now it’s too much but the business still works as it is addictive and has crept into culture. I was watching His Dark Materials with Lou the other night and one episode set in Oxford almost comes across as an advert for coffee. It’s brilliant and lavish telly, that one. The best of the beeb. Some great casting and interesting acting choices telling those books that influenced so many people in a gorgeous manner. Mostly built in Cardiff, it is lit and dressed to perfection. And occasionally an old friend pops up.

I’m very much hoping for a spot of filming in March, just as the thing I thought I would be doing isn’t happening. I’m gonna keep myself flexible despite the imperative to make lots of money. For a while at least I’ve got my credit cards…

Valentine’s Day. It’s just another day of course, and I ended up back in London as Lou had lots of work to do and I wanted to get back in time for The Factory. Now I need to justify being here for the rest of the week even though the diary is empty. There’s stuff I have to make for Southwark Council, plus of course the flat …

Bedtime now. Hot bath and electric blanket. Home comforts. My wake-up clock is earlier than usual after a good long time with Lou, and lovely Tessy who nibbles me if I’m still asleep past seven.

Author: albarclay

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