It’s been lovely over the last couple of years to discover a new town through Lou’s eyes. Brighton. My first encounter with it was on a bright summer day aged maybe 25 with Kate. She wanted a daytrip to the seaside. We went by train and took photos of each other on a disposable camera, paddling. Cute photos. We were part of the throng. I swam in the sea near the pier. Then we went back to the big London.

Learning the town through a local has helped me feel towards it more personally. Lou and I like many of the same things. For different reasons we both love peace and nature, so much of what I’ve learnt of the town has been in that direction. Places the crowds don’t go. Little benches and out of the way spots. Nature walks and trees.

The train strike gave me a bonus extra Lou day. We had determined that we probably wouldn’t be able to catch each other until after Christmas. Then suddenly she landed at Heathrow in the middle of industrial action. Her possible coach was cancelled. She’s working for a theatre company so neither of us wanted to make theatre people pay for a £150 taxi when there was another option. I picked her up at Heathrow, and chauffered her back to the sea. After the week we’ve both had it felt like an opportunity to recover a little in one another’s company.

A beautiful meal. Great company. Cats and sunset. Now I’m back on duty and still feeling rough so it’s bedtime…

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