Blood Test

Oh good lord. So I’ll definitely be doing a strange and lovely thing in The Kirkaldy Testing Works on and around the 5th November. More about that anon. Something else to keep me distracted.

And the news… The conservatives are trussed up like a turkey. Are we honestly going to see Boris back? I could believe it…

I went in for a blood test today at Chelsea and Westminster. Just a check-up. Downstairs in the basement there’s a little room with a display screen. Phlebotomy. You take your ticket at the door and you wait in the room. There’s no receptionist – ain’t nobody got time for that. Just lots of people looking at you. I lasted about a minute and a half before working it’d be be about an hour’s wait, and going back up into the sunshine. I had a coffee and a ginger shot and looked in windows. Better that than watching people waiting in that airless basement room. I timed it reasonably well.

“I might pass out,” I tell the nurse. “It’s pretty common after I get injected.” “What have you eaten today?” “Nothing…” “And you wonder why you pass out?” Touché, miss nurse. She was going to get the trainee to do me, but knowing I’m shit with needles she did it herself. I felt a bit wobbly but got back quickly and sat in the airless room until I was happy I wasn’t gonna fall over. Then back upstairs and the sky had opened. A thick curtain of rain. I ran across the road to The Chelsea Crêperie and had a disappointing and expensive crêpe. The staff were great, but the crêpes are better in Hampstead, dahhhhlimg.

The blood test is gonna check for all sorts of things. Lipids and liver function and I think they are looking for scary things. It’s an MOT and in good time as I’ve been worried. I wanted it in February but I wasn’t allowed to have anything but COVID back then so I had to wait. Sometimes peace of mind is worth a huge amount though. I’m in the throes of accepting that it’s time to look at going about things more mindfully and more carefully than I’ve been used to. We are none of us immortal. Time to change outlook.

I’ll be leading a load of people around Hampstead tomorrow on the creepy pub crawl, and I’m going to see if I can get around the whole evening without a drop of alcohol. Double points if nobody notices. I actually cancelled my morning workshop tomorrow though, just as I couldn’t think beyond the blood test and there was stuff I was supposed to learn. Dumb of me. Throwing away money and making myself look wobbly to the day job. But sometimes it’s good to have a rest.

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