Rushing around

No Panda today but non stop despite the lack of timechunk. Tomorrow much the same, then back into Panda.

I took Mel in to Brook Street thinking it was going to be easy, but all the roads were closed and it was a nightmare. We made it, just. By that time I was too late to go to Canada Water so we did the meeting over the phone while I was waiting for some tablecloths and branding boards and trestle tables to be dropped off at The Natural History Museum by Red Bull. I chose to use Max’s work to have things delivered as I couldn’t with any degree of certainty predict where I would end up at any point today. Not the best idea as Max only checks his phone once a month.

With the car loaded up I went home and grabbed some fly head masks, a carriage cape, my stovepipe and another top hat. I was already late. I rushed into Kirkaldy Testing Centre. We threw around some ideas for photos for a show taking place in the first week of November. I only had an hour. Tommo works fast. We got some goodies. I left precipitately to go to Hampstead. Lots of driving, a touch of photographic modeling, nothing that hasn’t been my primary earner at some point in the years I’ve called myself an actor. Then a pub. Walking.

I ordered chicken at The Freemasons, just as I didn’t want a repeat of the explosive wine situation from a few days ago. It turns out I’m not as young as I used to be. If I’m gonna be burning the candle at both ends I need to be taking care of myself within that, rather than eating nothing but a Pret salmon sandwich and then drinking all the red wine. I actually have to start slowing down. Taking care of myself. Oh how I would have laughed a decade ago when I was working out what the boundaries of my endurance were.

I did walkies. Still have some bits to straighten out. I’m trying not to cover ground I’ve covered before, but last year I carefully pulled out all the stories I was curious about, so this year has been harder on the research and repackaging. Still, the route is different and, I think, very good. I’m happy with it. We finished and we now traditionally share a baked camembert at the King William IV – a lovely way to end the tour.

Now I’m home, and Bergman is full of stuff that has to get to Paddington at crack of dawn tomorrow morning.

While I was running around I confirmed my flight times to Montevideo in November. I’ll be off for two weeks, and then hopefully back for Christmas Carol. Oh hell. Oh life.

Early start. Not such an early bed. But it’ll do. Night all.

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