Lovely chilled Sunday

Up in the morning and out into Gipsy Hill. It’s way out. You might as well be living in Kurgistan, but to soften the blow they have filled it with craft beer and independent coffee shops, as if it’s ok to live in foreverland as long as the hipsters still have a place to congregate. Still, I asked for a Flat White and I got the thing I wanted. I tend to get a latte from hipster places these days as they appear to believe that a Flat White is a double Cortado. I’m fussy about my coffee.

Mel woke up and we joined a day of tasty consumption. We went to The Magdala for Sunday lunch. The Magdala is at the bottom of Parliament Hill, where Mel lived and I house sat over lockdown. It was a perfect and beautiful place to be. I’m still sad at the short sighted landlady. We had a good meal though, ahead of me introducing her to the walk humans. I’m committed to a Hampstead spooky walk, but I need swing. I can’t be certain I won’t be busy being generally sought after in TV / Film. Lots of the things I’ve been putting in place have started to yield. Despite my love of being under the radar, there’s stuff in the pipeline which could lead to stuff that could lead to stuff that might be the stuffthingness. Even if it isn’t, I’m willing to throw work at a friend and see them getting on well with other friends. Mel would be just as weird as I am at the front of our peculiar walk. She’s shorter than me but no less odd. We solve things in a similar manner. Having her as an option massively puts my mind at rest. Who knows what’s in the pipeline. If the big gig lands though, I gotta be free.

I’m home now, just for a flash, sleeping on the sofa. No time to send invoices and I’m getting to the stage that I have to be organised about that stuff.

Today though was just rest and fun and a bit of walk planning. Excellent roast lamb at the Magdala.

Brilliant company. A walk through the dark. Even in these early stages, when we are plotting the route and walking as friends, it is clear that we are just loving the whole process of making it and walking it. If you want to come, you must. We are already three quarters sold. Haunted Hampstead. Peculiar London. You know you want to. X

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