Lovely spa

It’s a spa hotel where I’m staying. I haven’t really assimilated that information. I’m just getting on with the work and making sure I’m ready. But Lou went on the website and I started thinking about what she would be doing all day if she were with me. I thought I should probably make sense of it since I’m not filming today.

Outdoor jacuzzi, tenanted at all hours of the day by happy boozy people.

I had to wait a while before I got in, and I chose a time I was pretty sure would be quiet. I’ll go again now I’ve broken the ground. But eventually I sat in warm water and realised the extent to which I have been spoilt forever by The Terra Nostra hotel in the Azores during Covid.

Still, despite the lack of botanical gardens and empty vast hot springs, I found much to love and to help me relax. I’m sure there’s a steam room but I only found the sauna. Lovely and next to a hydrotherapy pool with warm water where one of the rings squirts meaningless water pistols and the other two fart below you. Then you can lie on rails above jets. It is all very fun, very profligate and very popular. This place is packed out on a September Wednesday at three in the afternoon. I’m glad it’s turning business. As I’ve intimated before, I’m very fond of this hotel. I haven’t really fully used it before as it’s just been digs. Today I was planning on going to The Eden Project etc etc but then I just realised that I’m living here and it’s paid for and I should use it. So I did.

I’m in bed now and it’s 8pm. I’m not expecting to be awake much longer. The rest of my lines happen tomorrow, and my facility with them will help influence how long everybody needs to work until. They’ll be on set until past ten tonight… I’ll be asleep by time I get the the call time but I’m reliably informed it won’t be morning. I’ll go and rearrange breakfast for 10.15 again. Lucky me. I’ll be working late tomorrow but I get a lie in, and I’m forever better in the evening than the morning.

One more spin through what I assume will be tomorrow’s lines. Then bed bed bed.

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