Now is the autumn

Suddenly autumn.

It seems we are doing seasons this year. Not the most optimistic for energy bills in winter. Right now it’s all bucketing down again (have they lifted the hosepipe ban yet? No? Nothing to do with fracking though good heavens). Our new Prime Minister is an idiot. Tout ça change. Apparently Plato nailed it, back all those thousands of years ago – “the one fucker that shouldn’t be in charge is the fucker that wants to be in charge. But that’s the only bunch of fuckers positioned to be in charge.” That’s a direct translation from the Ancient Greek. It’s fair. Nobody wants the porkrobot to be calling any kind of shot. But we’ve got her. She’s as bad as the one before, likely as bad as the one to come. Another vacillating untrustworthy morally bankrupt wisdom-cavity flapping their jaw in the face of growing poverty, and spoon-feeding the richest people whatever the poorest people need.

I’ve been in the basement of a Catholic Church, running Shakespeare scenes and trying to think about getting the words out in the right order. We are all off to Wales on the weekend and who knows, it’ll come out in some sort of order. Hopefully it’ll be the order we need. We will never be together as a full company until we are in Wales. That’s always the way. We rarely get this much rehearsalising so it’s better than often. I’m looking forward to throwing shit at the wall. We shall see how it all goes.

Bedtime now just as soon as I’ve taken my pants out of the washing machine. I suddenly realised I’ll be away a few days and I’m running low on clean undies. No tumble drier and it’s wet so I need time for them to dry. Ah life admin. I can just about stay ahead of it, even if some days like today I have to put my pants on inside out. And yeah, maybe we expect too much of these morons who want to lead our country. I can learn huge tracts of Elizabethan language, but I can’t wash my pants on time. Maybe Liz Truss is extremely efficient with her gardening or something, in a way that excuses the fact she’s utterly dogshit at public speaking. Policy remains to be seen, but she can’t be any worse than the parade of fuckwittery we have witnessed this last age.

I’m fed up with it. Go be a politician, reader. What though you don’t want to? Great. That’s your recommendation. Really the best leader is always going up be unwilling. But the ones who want it are always going to push past and fuck everything up. As with school games, so with politics and everything else. Ugh.

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