A Sunday off

On her way to teach her morning yoga, Lou stuck a day parking permit into Bergman. You gotta pay on Sundays normally down here owing to the fact that everybody from London comes down to the coast on the weekend. By giving me that little piece of paper she gave me a day free of worrying about him. We didn’t use him. We still went on an adventure.

Down to the Marina, and up to the top of the multistorey carpark near ASDA where all the guys that do house clearances try and flog their tut. Ann eclectic mix of random crap and I wanted none of it apart from perhaps a little bit of fromage from the rude cheese-man who overcharges and literally doesn’t want to sell you his cheese.

Then as we wandered down the coast we ran into Ryan. He’s part of how I met Lou. He designs the costumes for Creation many of which are made by Lou. I wore some bits in The Tempest. Ryan and I stood and spoke about that show down by the marina. It was timely, that mischievous one we did right at the start of lockdown on zoom. It catalysed some really interesting ongoing conversations.

Then we just kept wandering. A lack of decent coffee and a mild day at high tide took us all the way to Rottingdean, so we sat in the gardens of Rudyard Kipling’s old house and shut our eyes in the late summer heat.

Then we stuffed our little faces with a huge Sunday lunch at The Plough Inn, got the bus home and watched the first three episodes of Sandman – THEY MADE IT!!!! INCREDIBLE.

I had no need of dinner. One course was plenty from The Plough. It was GOOD.

I am now replete, calm, entertained and barely injured from a good long playing session with Tessie.


Author: albarclay

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