Hot night watching tv

Right well I’m up to date with Stranger Things. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it. I got myself up to speed because I don’t like to be behind when everybody seems to be watching the same thing. It annoys me when people tell me things about the plot.

The kids are getting older so they are likely gonna have to wind everything up soon. I wonder if they had a plan from the start or if they are largely just making it up as they go along. Whatever they’re doing seems to be working. It’s a good watch.

The eighties nostalgia is kinda cute. Back then it would’ve been so uncool to like anything like Stranger Things. They trade on that and build it into the story. And they let things take their time. It’s later than I thought it would be. I watched two episodes of a television show and it took about three and a half hours…

This is a new era of TV. It’s a good time to be an actor if you can get in the door. These long form streaming TV shows frequently have the budget to take the time they need. It is proved time and again that there’s an audience for things that take their time. And it means that The Duffer Brothers can give every character a crack of the whip, rather than just refining it all to the tightest version of the plot and leaving huge amounts of work on the cutting room floor. They could cut ages off both of those episodes without losing much, but I’m glad they haven’t. It’s nice to let things settle.

Those episodes were part of my wind-down routine after a day of admin. Everything is ready for me to get down to Dorset tomorrow and then to Brighton for a few days. I’ll need to rethink my decluttering plans though as the Battersea Car Boot is on holiday until September, as I discovered this morning at 8am when I was trying to book a pitch.

But it’s way past my bedtime and I’ve got a long drive first thing in the morning and be need to throw some clothes in a bag first. It’s hot in the city. I’m gonna try to get some shuteye.

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