Beowulf after five years

My God so yeah, we did this in 2017. That’s five years ago that Jack and Anne-May and I did a Beouwulf sharing in a house in Stoke Newington, and it was good.

“I can get you on the list to send a tape for Jack’s Beouwulf if you want it,” says my agent. Jack calls me a bit later. “If you want it” keeps ringing in my head. This is just for being considered. I’m already thinking about the pros and cons. It’s in Jersey again – same team as Christmas Carol. Jack won’t be in it though. He’ll just put it on and then return to his burgeoning producing empire. I’m still running around the world on somebody else’s dollar. Jack is consolidating at home.

So yeah, it’s an October show and would potentially fit perfectly around my Extreme-E commitments. Potentially. And yeah I would love to do the show. But I have to ask myself if it’s what I want. Jersey again, yay. More opportunity to regraft onto the land I was grown out of. My old home being so absurdly highly priced smashes away my old fantasy of coming back and buying the place to commune with the old land. 16 million quid is steep by anybody’s standards. But I’m still hard-considering a return to that Jerseyplace. As I told the guys back at Christmas, I need two years on a thing like that. One year to just think about it. Then one year to act. It’ll be the end of the thinking year in December.

There’s a lot between now and October. I’m once again remembering how important it is to do nothing in the nothing patches, to make sure I have the wherewithal to do everything in the busy ones. There might be a less frantic manner in which to organise my life. But it would need me to work in an office or something. So I’ll just … stick with what works.

I get to go to the opera tomorrow. Perks. Yay.

Author: albarclay

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