Things. I did things.

Well I found the bloody things. That was my Jubilee today. As is often the case I had to experience the feeling that I would never find them multiple times. I had to nearly give up and then try to be more thorough.

I was looking for Costume Bibles in a huge precarious pile of set and props and merch and junk, back up in Nottingham. I had no idea what they looked like. “Any idea where they might be?” “Near costume.”

They were nowhere near costume. They were randomly in a box with some make-up that was buried in a pile of flats – almost as if somebody wanted to send me on a treasure hunt. Finding them was a surprise and a relief.

Nobody wants to go up to Nottingham on a bank holiday and fail to find the thing they’ve gone for. It’s like finding the Adblue in Saudi. I wasn’t about to stop until I was absolutely certain that they weren’t there. I got them. Tick.

Then I drove back slowly listening to the cricket. The English Men’s Team… They almost got ideas above their station and did a spot of winning before they remembered that they have to throw it all in the bin. It wasn’t the happiest listen on the way back down south, but perhaps preferable to the endless pageantry on Radio 4.

I stopped at Bletchley Park. Very small diversion. I was curious. Didn’t get there until about 3pm though and they wanted £25 to go in, so I just looked through the fence at all those nondescript squat brick buildings and wondered.

They had the bunting up inside.

Being at Bletchley made me think about the Parabolic Theatre lot. They have a show on in Bethnal Green again. A murder mystery, sitting on top of the space we used for Illicit Signals. I went along and had a random and fun night enthusiastically doing jigsaws and arranging heists with strangers…

Now I’m finally home. Another full day. I’m gonna watch the rest of Verhoeven’s lovely silly RoboCop. Then I’ll fall flat on my face.

Author: albarclay

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