Slowly now Lou is building her little workshop empire. It is a little bright upstairs room in the countryside, perfect for beavering away. There’s virtually no mobile phone signal there, but it’s cheap compared to most things in the area, and with a little use it will pay for itself. Right now the business will be about getting the surfaces and worktops sorted out, as it came completely empty. This is why I came down loaded up with IKEA crap. It’s cheap and practical and will help her start to make use of this new work-home.

Something MC Escher about the wood to the ironing table…

Today the weather was disappointing once again, so we decided to be practical instead of going questing for beauty. We loaded up some sewing machines and fabric and various bits of toolsage and off we went over the hill to Ditchling, there to sit in her slowly forming work-palace and to attempt to follow the little wordless line-drawn IKEA person on the instruction manuals. We made some shelves and some hanging racks. “I think this is the first time I’ve made flat pack furniture on a Sunday afternoon,” says Lou. It’s not the most romantic pursuit, but it was uneventful enough. Nothing was done upside down. It all kind of makes sense and shouldn’t immediately collapse. A few shelves went in the wrong holes and had to be rejigged but mostly we were as efficient as the Swedes who made all that stuff up.

It makes me want a space. I’ve got my flat. Need to get through all that crap. I’m slowly starting to wade through it. But there’s so much. Oh so much.

This’ll be my last night in the cat palace for sure. The two little pedigree darlings are at each others throats as I write, and we are running a bath. It’s only half past six but I’m pooped. I’d gladly just drift off to sleep now. One large glass of Merlot and a huge Sunday lunch back at the St George’s Inn in Kemptown and I’m almost done for. I’m not used to all this calm combined with tasty food. Likely I’ll be happy to be back on the Bletchley Park Adrenaline Train from Wednesday of next week. Are you coming to see it? They’re a lovely lot. I want to see them selling well so they can wear even nicer clothes.

London’s calling. I like it by the sea, but I live by the river! And the more the world wakes up the more I want to get stuck into it again. But not this evening. Food coma, cats, hot water and snuggles. Then back up tomorrow. Petrol has gone to over 1.70 in most of the local stations. It’s all very well coming second to Ukraine at Eurovision. It would be nice if that affected the cost of fuel…

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