I should switch off the news

It appears I’m in Brighton again. Up and down like a yo-yo these days. It’s just past ten and we’re already in bed with the lights out. It’s a flying visit again, and the last that will be possible for a while considering I’m starting an evening show shortly for a good three weeks.

I’m feeling quite heavy and slow today. Yesterday I was suffering some sort of mental malaise as I went to bed, and my dreams were violent and concerning. I’m just observing right now and I’m not worried as it’s likely just a short thing – these workshops are draining, and despite a decent rate of pay they are not what I particularly want to be doing with my time. I think the world news is just affecting my state of mind. Why is it always the scum that rises to the top? Is it as simple as the old “Power corrupts” thing?

I can’t really even think about Ukraine. That’s just an ego gone out of control. I wonder how it can end now. I wonder what it means and will mean that we are supplying weapons and training. When will we be too embroiled? How can we not be?

Then there’s the fact that these people with no depth are all milling around telling us they’re in charge of things. You’d have to be willful to continue to pretend that the culture secretary has any culture as she hacks everything to death in her house without books. Boris surely knows the jig is up by now but he’ll never accept any culpability for anything after too many years of being puffed up. Priti… I mean what the hell? Sending refugees to Rwanda? If it was the opening premise of a novel you’d dismiss it as far fetched. The rest of them too. Filthy.

I just watched a bit of a documentary about Monty Python, and it covered Milligan and Cook and Moore too… It really helps puncture the self importance of these empty leaders to have accurate satire pointed at them, to even stuff as light and weird as Python. We don’t really have anything in the mainstream puncturing institutions. They missed a shot with relaunching Spitting Image with most of its teeth pulled. Bearing in mind Doris is taking a sledgehammer to the beeb, maybe they need to throw caution to the wind and do something sharp and funny… But … there’s so much choice these days that it’ll likely only reach the people who already know that everybody who wants to wear the hat is a clown.

At least it gives me something to be angry about. Anger can be a decent creative spur. Mostly right now I’m either on the go and wide open or I’m in recovery.

Right now the latter. I’m warm and relaxed. There’s Lou. There are also two very fluffy creatures. This room has very little traffic noise. The occasional seagull, vague scratchings from mostly quiet upstairs neighbors, the wind on the window. I’m full of healthy food, and my Fitbit hasn’t recorded any weird heart rate spikes for a week or so. I will sleep like a rock, and stop worrying about things I can’t change. It’s either that or run for office, and I’m not going to do that because people with my background shouldn’t be in positions of power. QED.

Author: albarclay

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