I didn’t do anything today

I do like a quiet Monday. No work today and back at home with comfortable things and heating. I haven’t left the house. I slept until just before noon. Food was brought to me by Deliveroo and this evening I’ve been just sitting with the fish watching the last few episodes of that terrible compulsive TV programme The Apprentice.

It’s fascinating. It’s hideous. It validates my life decisions. I might have gone chasing a very elusive unicorn with this acting malarkey. But if I had gone after the money I might have had to hang out with people like them.

Writing now at the end of the day I can remember my good intentions for today as I had them this time last night. As I write I’m still surrounded by interesting clutter. I sorted none of it, and I’m not gonna today. It definitely needs to be done, but I wanted a rest. It’s been pretty full on and schizophrenic in the last week. I also have plenty of things I need to write. Nothing today. Nowt. Nil. Nada. Not today. I’ve been in my pajamas all day. It’s very comfortable. The heating is burning away. I’m okay with that too. I’m back into the world tomorrow talking about responsible energy use and I’m about to get into the bath again.

It was lovely to be up in Stratford yesterday, and then visiting friends back home. I think in a normal world days like this were very rare because they’d always involve not showing up to something sociable. My neighbour did invite me to something at the local pub this evening, but I’m not feeling very sociable and I’d have to put some trousers on to go out. Plus I’m working early tomorrow so pints would be silly.

My friend and I tried to book tickets to Ocean at the End of the Lane for tomorrow. I read the book recently and I know a few of the creatives involved. But more or less as soon as we booked it they got cancelled and returned because the cast have got Covid. I’m glad they were refunded, but what a bollock. I really want to see it, and the idea of going to the theatre just appeals to me right now as it’s been so hard to do. If I go watch something maybe the universe will remember that I’m supposed to be doing it. Haven’t had so much luck with the self tapes recently, which can be disillusioning. I always prefer to be in the room to audition so I can radiate charisma dahhling. But something has got to give before long. Or if it doesn’t I might well get to go somewhere interesting again at the end of April…

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