Dayjob laptop rant

My nice relaxed Sunday evening was completely ruined when I went onto the email to see what I was supposed to be doing for dayjobbery tomorrow and discovered that I’m booked to deliver three back to back workshops about electric cars in Isleworth and I’ve never even seen the workshop I’m delivering. The last few hours have been about finding the damn thing, and now I’ve found it I’m trying to get it into my head before I go to bed. I’m supposed to be there in eleven hours though, and I’m tired. I was just going to get an early bed. I might do that anyway, set the alarm for crack of dawn and do some cramming on the way into work.

My laptop has got something on it that makes it freeze and crash every ten minutes, and it takes about twenty minutes to log in. That hasn’t helped my mental state. I think it’s forcing an update in the background, but it just makes everything unworkable. It’s meant to be a good laptop, it’s only a couple of years old, but its been about as much use as a potato since I installed the latest version of Windows onto it. I think that might have been my mistake to be honest. Too late to roll back now. The last two paragraphs have been written as I’m waiting for the damn thing to boot up after it froze and I had to hard reset it. But frankly I think I’m just going to have to do painting by numbers tomorrow. It’s not like I’ve never done anything like it before. The laptop won’t be any use to me, that’s for absolute certain. It still hasn’t loaded in yet. I’m running a bath. I’ve got good mind to drop the thing into it.

I’m not supposed to be doing workshops on sustainable energy anyway. It’s a nice a way to pass the time and it pays the bills, but now the world really is waking up again I’m gonna have to get myself into a good long shoot or a rehearsal room. But I hate doing things by halves so meanwhile I’m gonna have to try to get this crap laptop working. It’s so bad I even installed antivirus into it (Spybot) – despite my feeling that antivirus software usually just further slows things down. It hasn’t improved the situation. Normally I’d just format the hard drive and reinstall Windows but nowadays you can’t even get Windows on CD. Plus, frankly, I think the latest Windows is the cause of the problem.

Anyway. I had a Sunday of sorts. Saw my friend who has sold her house. Tried to cast around for anything she might be throwing away that has value as I want to try to rehouse it and give them money. They’re keeping everything good though. Grabbed a picture to try and sell on eBay and some bottles of prosecco which they kindly gave me and which will eventually go into my gullet. Contemplated a nice evening seeing people and then … everything exploded with dayjob as documented.

The laptop has let me in. I’m reading the notes on the presenter view. I might just leave it on all night and then go swot in the morning. I’m too tired to take this in and the bath is ready. Better me in the water than the laptop. It’s one or the other right now.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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