Jazz Emu

This place used to be The Tabard. Now I think it’s called Chiswick Playhouse. It’s a pretty relaxed room in which to watch a show – you bring your glasses up from the pub downstairs. It seats close to 100. I’m at the back right. I speculated that there would be a return on the last night of a sold out show. There was  I’m here to watch Jazz Emu…

I can’t remember the last time I came here. A long time ago. It has rebranded but I don’t think it has changed much physically. I’m glad it’s still running. The London pub theatre scene is a great and odd scene. You get a very broad mix of shows. People trying things out mix with people putting on things they know well. Showcases and artists and weirdos and comedians and musicians. I expect the last few years have killed some.

This place is buzzy tonight. Nothing on stage but a sound desk with keyboard and a load of dry ice, but every seat in the house is full. We haven’t been able to do this sort of thing very often lately. I’m looking forward to something different. Then I’ll have to head home and be well behaved. My friends have to do the get out – its their last night. And I have to make sure I turn up tomorrow for this self tape that came through while I was in Harrogate.

It’s already twelve minutes late to go up. Likely waiting for latecomers. You can be a bit loose in a venue like this. I used to be in this sort of place twice a week. This show is an hour straight through, and I know nothing about it, and I’m hoping my bladder will hold, especially considering I’ve got a pint between my legs.

“Do you know him?” my neighbor asks me. No. I don’t know Jazz Emu. I know some other people attached to this show, but I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s all about. Judging by this crowd, he’ll be fun.

It’s starting! yay theatre!

So that was wonderfully weird. And it turns out I was at the final night for the theatre as it is. It will be under new management. The end of an era. The pub will still be called The Tabard, and the space still has to operate as a theatre. Interesting.

Jazz Emu is a whole world. I was happy to live in it for a night. He’s a delightfully odd self effacing electronic-music comedian type. He’s made a frame to play inside and he invited us all to come with him. It was huge fun. I’ll catch him again I suspect.

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