Light light light

Morning light!

Lou gets up early by anybody’s standards. Earlier still if I’m snoring like a drill next to her. By the time I switched into the world she’d already booked part of our accommodation for the holiday which has been our obsessive focus whenever we have been able to access our screens. I felt bad though. I hate it when I can’t stop myself snoring. It’s a constant fight, but I’ve been spreading out in bed with the old Covid.

My guilt threw me out of the door and into my car earlier than I might have normally emerged, later than most human beings in the world. Rather than slog to a box somewhere to push buttons, we drove to Devil’s Dyke, and caught it before the crowds. Mist in the valley below and bright low sunlight. One of those mornings that the influencers need to quit the powder for. I’m almost totally uninterested in taking photographs and I managed a few half decent ones. Here we are in the morning light.

Crunching through the frost with other people’s dogs we hatched a plan to try and find the Hundred Acre Wood. Along with everybody else in my industry at the moment I’m contemplating doing something with Winnie the Pooh. It’s just gone public domain so there’s gonna be Pooh in Space and Gangster Pooh and Eeyore does Dallas and oh God we’ll all be sick of it in a year. But sometimes it’s interesting to think about jumping on the bandwagon. I could be making one of the maybe 2500 immersive Pooh type things in London this summer. Stick some ears on some poor bastard, give her a jar of honey, charge people to hear her blither on about friendship or depression to I dunno like a puppet or someone dressed as a tiger or what have you. That’s summer sorted. That is my arts council application verbatim.

We didn’t find the wood.

We got distracted and accidentally broke into the grounds of a stately home and made friends with the groundskeeper. His sister produced The Mummy. He’s just walked from John O’Groats to Lands End teaching people how to use defibrillators. Lou met a wood carver. It was all very convivial. This is what happens when people don’t do proper jobs and they have too much time on their hands. Ban this sick filth. They should all be working in cyber.

We sort of walked around a bit in The Ashdown Forest, but hunger was becoming the dominant force. We went home. Lou made daal. We booked all the rest of our accommodation for IMPULSE AZORES HOLIDAY. It has been a very drawn out process working out where we will stay as it turns out there are some incredible options and the prices are competitive in low season mid pandemic… No surprises I guess.

I’m going back to London. We’ve got a holiday coming up. I’ve got shit to do. And I should probably be trying to earn some money as well, much as it’s lovely to bounce around like this…

The evening light though! As epic as the morning. An omen? The Azores looks like volcanic walking paradise. I’m smitten. Bring on the end of this month.

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