Fun with Covid

So. Here I am. Recovering.

There’s this disease about, kids. Be careful. It’s contagious.

First of all, the observable things from inside being me on this rollercoaster.

I know exactly how and when I got it, and who transferred it to me. I can track it back 100%. This is not a test. This is not an exaggeration. I KNOW. I’m not going into details because all the people who want to tell you it’s the foot-rot of an Aztec God never go into details either.

Ya it hasn’t been superbad for me. But we all expect it be bubonic fucking plague. I had a horrible sore throat, I’m still coughing loads, I’m generating all the mucus, I’m tired, I’m woolly headed. I never lost my sense of smell but I felt like I’d been beaten up for days. The first time round I lost my sense of smell on top of everything else, so it’s a mercy I didn’t this time.

This time it’s like a bad flu. But it’s NOVEL. That’s the worry.

That’s why everybody appears to be overreacting. That’s where the anti-science crowd can drive their wedge. This Omicron variant is probably the best road towards some sort of herd immunity because it’s bollocks to have but its not as bollocks as the one I had at the start. It’s novel but I’ve had it twice now. It’s never been in the human system in all of creation until a couple of years ago. Scientists are going to have to be cagey when asked direct questions because SCIENCE TAKES GENERATIONS. And this is a new virus to humans.

So I’ve been writing a creative writing thing the last few days because I am genuinely sick with this illness and I have observed it working through my body and it feels like other illnesses that I’ve had before in my life and I’m aware that there are people I know who are close to me who are plugged into a very very different narrative about this. I thought I’d confuse you all with a spot of something different. And keep myself entertained in the process.

I’ve been sick. And loosely feverish. And I would prefer to put a narrative out into the world that keeps me entertained. Rather than just repeatedly telling you all how shit I feel.

Now I’m at the end of it my body is flushing all the dead stuff killed by my immune system. I’m leaking again. And I feel like I’ve been boxing. It’s 10pm. I’m done. Writing this just so I can go to sleep.

It’s complicated enough that we have a brand new virus that is extremely contagious – (and that didn’t show up on the home tests we have for two days when I knew I was contagious.) We will likely all have this fucker at some point, vaccine or no, probably more than once. “It’s Covid season” will become normal.

But let’s all stop being arseholes about how we think it works, how we think the science works etc etc. This is new. Our generation will just experience this. Only in retrospect can it be fully understood, long after we are dead despite all our strident opinions.

Which makes me feel bad as I went and ordered a PCR test and then when I started showing up on lateral flow I didn’t take it to the post office as I didn’t want to go into my block corridor so I will be adding nothing to science and the NHS will continue to think I have never had this thing. Hey ho.

Bedtime. The one great thing is that I’ve been sleeping like a baby. More of that tonight please.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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