Plémont and a gentle show

Up at a reasonable time. There’s still plenty of Jersey we haven’t gone to in the limited window I have here with Lou. We went to Plémont up at the Northwestern corner of the island. It’s usually pretty peaceful there and the views are strong, from clifftop scrubland down to a roiling sea. There are the ruins of an old Napoleonic barracks overlooking a little cove. Not too much wind today, and the sun was peeking out as best it could. We got our fix of rugged gorse, and then inevitably found our way to my beloved El Tico for a bowl of chowder. The evening sun setting over the high tide helped make it a beautiful last evening on the island for Lou. Sun sets too early right now. Not long until the solstice, but we are still on the wrong end of winter.

By five we were back in the venue gearing up for our single show today. With all the news over the channel, people are perhaps unsurprisingly becoming more cautious about coming to our intimate show. They’ve already paid for the tickets so we lose nothing but their energy, but we had close to twenty people from the same office party just deciding not to show up this evening. I don’t think we’ve had a great deal of this new brand of Covid here in Jersey yet. The new restrictions and guidelines don’t count over here. Jersey moves at its own pace and I have a feeling we will manage to finish our run, even if its by the skin of our teeth. Jack and I bounced pretty swiftly after the show tonight though just as we have a big week still to come, and it’s Lou’s last night. I’m glad she came again though. It was a fun and gentle audience. She ended up going backstage and reading everybody’s i-ching in the interval. I forgot my cards when I was packing so I’m glad I had her to represent for the oojie-boojie stuff.

When the weather isn’t disgusting, this island can be so beautiful. I’m glad we’ve been able to rush and catch some of it in the time we’ve had. Lou’s leaving just before I kick off into two show days until Monday.

I’m gonna get off this and have tea with her and work out what to do tomorrow.

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