Press night in Jersey

I’ve been trying to organise my life here around this very much all consuming show. I’ve got a spot of corporate training that I’m supposed to have helped with on zoom but it’s constantly having to be delayed. Good to be busy. But now we are open I want to make sure that dear dear old Carol doesn’t become the only thing. Jack and I are both obsessive enough that we habitually tweak as we go, throughout every run. This moment, that moment. Adjust. Sharpen…

We had the local Jersey papers in tonight. The Jersey Evening Post… My grandparents took it daily. I wish they’d been in tonight. Grandma would have been a nightmare of an audience member for us. But I would have been glad to make her proud in the context of this island…

It’s alright here. I’ve met a few people who could be friends. I’m slow with that sort of thing though… I’m still considering shifting back this way – to this island full of memories and ghosts. And this experience is making it possible.

The audience has been delightful so far, and it feels like an atmosphere I understand. There’s not much culture here right now so I’d want to come prepared to get stuck in to making things. We had the Jersey Arthouse in today, where I did that residency at the end of summer. They hadn’t made the connection that it was me. They are good people making interesting things on this island and they got stuck in. “Art materials!” they begged for, from an uncharitable Ebenezer at the start.

Let’s see what the local papers do. It’s an important one to a large extent. The Jersey Evening Post is the only Jersey Specific paper, and this place is far enough removed from the mainland that it is needed. There’s all sorts of stuff going on about fishing rights and storms and so forth. The weather has been terrible for the last few days, so the shelves in Waitrose were largely empty. If you subscribe to the JEP you at least know whether or not the boats are making it over. It’s a paper that has a good readership and gives news that no other uk papers are even really thinking about unless it suits them. If the JEP are positive we should sell the rest of the run. And much as I try to hold to the idea that theatre reviews are just one person’s opinion, I really hope that this good show is understood by this local paper, as there are ghosts here watching closely.

Uncle Peter. Peggy and Os. Mum…

Mother Mim, mum’s headmistress and her religious adviser. I would like to have told her about my Camino. Maybe, just maybe she’s still alive… I should look into that.

Anyway. We did a press night. And now I’m off to bed. And I took no photos as usual. Here’s some chains.

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