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Jack’s a Liverpool fan. To a lesser extent I suppose I am as well, with The Isle of Man making them my nearest geographical connection back in the Hillsborough days. This evening, after rehearsal, we knew that we would be settling in to watch a Merseyside Derby. Liverpool vs Everton.

First of all we diverted to St Helier. Jack was after vape juice. I figured the best place to seek it was the mean streets of St Helier. It’s a jungle out there. We even saw a drunk person talking slightly louder than normal.

We tried multiple shops and Jack seems happy having found some sort of watermelon vapor bubblegum horror. He’s hoovering it down now as we watch the closing minutes of a match that is now unassailable. We are here again in chateau IKEA, doing lad things.

But… I like this Liverpool team. Mo Salah is working wonders for disarming incomprehension driven hatred of Muslims in Liverpool. He plays incredible football and frequently takes a moment to thank Allah after a goal. Also these rich boys seem to like each other and they play well together. Yes of course they’re overpaid, but it’s always good to see people playing well together for a job.

The football is over. And we are busting out the script in our evening. Workaholics… We are looking at things we need to rethink in the very different context of this venue and this team. Fifteen years of working together, we’ve had. Fifteen strange and lovely years. Outside of our foray into St Helier this evening we haven’t had time to see the island yet. Normally by now I’d have gone to my old standards – I’d have walked a few beaches, in the South and in the West. I’d have stood above Corbière, and I’ve have clambered on the rocks around Green Island.

None of that yet. We’ve been busy. We’ve been making a lovely thing. The first of these Instagram things is up now. More to follow…

I’m exhausted. It’s good to be back at work. I’d forgotten how 3D this business of making theatre is, and how consuming it can be. We have to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow, and it’s already gone midnight. I’ve got two self tapes to submit by the end of the weekend. But I’m happy. Just thrilled to be back at the craft.

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