Quiet day


I’m aware on an intellectual level that I’m going away for a month at the end of this week. But it isn’t quite real yet.

My passport failed in a delivery so I’m gonna need to get that successfully sent to me before it’s too late. I need to put clean clothes and useful things into a suitcase. It would be to my benefit to also make the flat habitable. Somebody is gonna have to water the flowers.

Today though I just enjoyed being at home surrounded by all my distractions, distracting myself with them. It’s something of a novelty these days to just be here. It’s usually been a dosshouse on the way to Hampstead or Brighton. I rather enjoyed just stopping here for a day. I didn’t do as much as I’d planned. But I made a start.

Jack came over in the evening. We’re about to spend a whole damn month together but right now we aren’t fed up of one another. We truck along very well together really so Jersey is likely to be fun. He came to drop off his guitar and deliver a little bag of coats that are too big to fit into the airplane. I’m driving over on the ferry. Makes more sense to have a car in Jersey. Petrol is likely to be a bit cheaper too. I’ll have to remember to pack them into the car on Friday.

I’m tired out. I hit a wall when Jack was here. I walked him most of the way to the tube station just so the cold air could slap me awake a little, but a day of idleness frequently has the effect of making one tired. I’ll have to be busier tomorrow. Also though I just think I’m not used to being sociable. It tires me out. I’ll have to flex those muscles a great deal in the weeks to come.

The weather has snapped to cold though. This is going to be an expensive winter, with the fuel prices rocketing and all the overburdened berry trees predicting deep cold. I have a feeling we are all going to be shocked by a snap to freezing. And it also feels like there’s a something Covid related approaching. God I hope it’s not another lockdown. Hopefully I’ll have got to Jersey before anything goes down… We have had enough disaster, in my industries more than many. I really hope we get Christmas…

Author: albarclay

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