Lou in London

It’s been a long time since Lou has come to to London. I’m the one with a car right now, and everybody hates trains in this pandemic. Still, it was today or bust as her work is picking up, and I’m constantly on the verge of going to Jersey. I still haven’t booked my flight. But definitely very very soon now. I have to be there ahead of the coming weekend…

We hung out in my manor. It was ace. She’s on the train back now and I’m running a bath and winding the day out. I’ll probably have to think about packing and all the logistical stuff. But today we had a London day.

Lunch by the river up at Twickenham. We’ve hung out in North London a fair bit, up in Hampstead, so I figured it’s good to balance with some South as well. My little Chelsea area is pretty urban no matter how you spin it, even though it used to be fields. It’s not so far out to Twickenham and you get a plethora of decent pubs with good views. The White Swan. Way too much food and good company.

Having company in my flat helped me make sense of some of the costume items that came my way recently. We spent a good amount of time just playing dressup, and having her eye on the things I was wearing. I’m a little less discerning than Lou. She knows the materials and the cuts, plus she can tell me if something suits me. She was perhaps less hot on this particular silky number, but I was very fond of it.

I’ve now tried the lot on apart from some of the breeches and a bunch of waistcoats. Once I’m done in Jersey it’ll be a good use of my time to actively try and move the things that are in multiples on, as well as the stuff that just doesn’t fit me. The intention was to have a little costume store to pitch for gigs like this ghost walk and after dinner stuff etc. Basically it’s just useful to have.

Twickenham inevitably brought Tristan and Tanya – first time they’ve properly spent time with Lou. Lovely for me to bring together these two worlds a bit more. We went to see the naked ladies in an imported Italian fountain. That’s a lovely thing about London – you’re pretty much always a few steps away from something beautiful, old and buried.

We even managed to have newly legal Tristan drive all of us to The Angler at Teddington lock, which is one of the only pubs I found in my sober year that has decent alcohol free beer on tap. I am still keeping my booze lead free where possible. Baby steps.

I’m knackered so you get stream of consciousness tonight… Have a good day. I’ll try to be more considered tomorrow…

Author: albarclay

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