Admin and procrastination

I woke up this morning by the sea… Snored myself awake, carefree. No formal work today, but I set aside l a day of admin. Filling in forms and writing biographies and trying to predict the future. I’m off to Jersey again soon but this time it’s work related. I have to be a bit more organised and fill in a few more forms. Plus I’ve got to do my bloody damn tax return by the end of this month. There’s not much space left to be carefree. Nevertheless I dropped Lou off at Glyndebourne for work today and then frolicked around on the streets of Lewes with the abandon of a man who hasn’t got fucktons of work to do.

I didn’t really have time and headspace to take Lewes in properly but I enjoyed my moment. I get the sense there’s a reasonable amount happening there. A few of my friends are out that way with their various families and a bit more space than they had in London. I didn’t get to see any of them. I just looked into the window of a large number of closed shops, and checked out various estate agents showing eye watering figures in the window. I stopped at Bill’s, as I get the sense it’s an institution. Used to be a greengrocer, grew with the love of the good people of Lewes into a multi-million pound franchise. My waiter literally didn’t give a fuck, and it was kind of refreshing. I think we’ll see a lot more of that sort of thing as we realise the extent to which we have buggered ourselves for labour in the service industry. Although it seems we might be about to get a huge influx of workforce from Afghanistan…

Despite it feeling like a great deal longer I only actually succeeded in procrastinating in Lewes for about two hours, owing to the fact that parking there is insanely expensive. Then I drove back to Lou’s in Brighton and did some of the admin I had been avoiding whilst lying on my back in a darkened room with an incredibly fluffy cat to help.

Biography. Portrait photo for social media. I need to start taking it all seriously. I searched through my phone photos looking for a snap of me that looked casual yet professional for them to use. They all came up character. It’s the same problem I had when trying to set up a dating profile. I’m not very good at vanilla photographs. If I’m not dressed like a pirate I’m on a carousel or I’m screaming. The only – frequent – exception is when I’m in a sharp suit with immaculate hair for an audition, looking clean and sensible. That’s what they pay me for, but since it’s miles from the truth of me I don’t really want it going out on their social media either.

I ended up sending a couple of character shots. Let them decide.

I’m back in my flat by the river. Happy to be home. I’ve been neglecting it here, and need to spend more time. Things are starting to back up, and things were already backed up so it’s getting untenable. Procrastination. So familiar, yet really not my friend. There’s a whole hell of a lot of stuff I need to be attending to. Sorting the costumes, making my spare room functional, working through life admin… I have a million things to do beyond what little I managed today. Best get up early tomorrow. Tax return is a major one. Oh God. Here we go.

One of the photos I thought of sending

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