Oh dear. Badger is tired.

I had no idea when I signed up quite what it would entail, despite loving every second of it. It’s a very unusual schedule. Normally matinees happen twice a week, and we always hate them. But … we have tiny groups because of Covid. So it’s two shows every day but Monday. Have you ever heard of a Tuesday matinee? That’s happening. Yup. And even two shows on a Sunday! Damn that pathogen. But there we go.

I do my outdoor scene twenty times a day, every day but Monday. It only lasts maximum 8 minutes with top and tail. Nevertheless that’s over two and a half hours of constant talking, plus energyspam to hold the audience together and pull their focus from future and past weasels. It’s tiring.

Frankly, I’m knackered. Tomorrow is the last day of this particular working week though. The show is lovely to play. We are given an idea of roughly how many groups to expect before we go into the field, which makes it so much more manageable. We aren’t playing scenes with each other so we only come together as a team at the start and the finish. The only shared info we have is about the gaps. I love how we are given a sense of how our evening will play. It changes on the hoof, of course, but it feels respectful that we are privy to that info, as it helps us budget our energy.

Lou is back in Brighton. She integrated with the work, and made sense of herself around my very full hours.

I’m here in my attic now, sleepy after Claire’s birthday. We are all tired but it’s joyful. I’m at the end of my energy for the week though frankly and I still have to do it twenty times tomorrow. I love what I do, but there’s not much room for “life” around this particular schedule. Thank God Lou gets it. I’m feeling pretty chilled. I’m just a tired Badger.

I like this little tree carving. It’s right where I start work. I like to call attention to it…

I’m off to sleep.

Author: albarclay

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