Back home in peace

I’ve been driving a lot recently. I always drive a lot, but this week perhaps more so than usual as I split my focus between London (work) and Brighton (creatures that want cuddles). I’m back in the smoke again with 0 cuddles and lots to do after getting down another self tape of my own and helping a friend with theirs. Quid Pro Quo, you might say, only my audition scene was two lines long and her audition was seven full scenes with 2 versions each. Nice if she gets it, sure, but another huge learn for absolutely nothing if she doesn’t. It took us much of the day but thankfully I enjoyed it. I just got my director muscles rippling and tried to give her notes that would be helpful in the playing.

The rain is here, breaking the heat and finding its way through my roof in order to come and say an unwelcome hello to me in my bathroom. I have had an array of receptacles including a giant beer stein catching the drops for maybe a decade now. Sometimes you start to think of unusual things as being commonplace, and when it rains my bathroom leaks. Thankfully so far it hasn’t come back into the bedroom. I had that fixed up at much expense in a flash of optimism that so far has not proven to be unwarranted.

I’ve spoken of the drips many times to my expensive leasehold company and they’ve come and put scaffolding up the block to paint my windows shut and noisily fail to fix the problem at vast expense. This is post Brexit England. If the tradesman can get away with doing less than the job, and coming home with a load of antique window weights in the van, they’ll do it. It’s a new leasehold company now. Maybe, just maybe, they will find somebody who can work it out…

I’m glad to be in my flat tonight despite the drips. Tom is in York so I’ve got the place to myself and I can enjoy being in my own space instead of living out of a bag in somebody else’s. With Jersey and then Brighton I’ve had very little opportunity to spend time in a room of my own. I’m loving being alone in here. I made naked tea earlier and perhaps I’ll have a lovely hot bath after I finish this blog. I’m burning some incense. I keep on expecting Mao to jump up onto the bed, but he’s still in Brighton being unbearably cute with Lou. I’ll miss him, but suddenly having 0 responsibilities? I’ll take that for an evening.

It’s looking likely that Mau will come and live with me in Hampstead for the heart of the summer, as that appears to be the right plan as soon as I’ve sold the Audi and gone to Wales to give my Bottom and sorted out my company and worked out Christmas and all the things so many things.

Bath. Then more chamomile. Then pass out. That’s the running order. Tasty.

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