Up and about.

Up early in the morning to take advantage of my new found freedom and out into the world. St Helier is the capital, it’s the town where I was born, and it’s definitely a little more happening than when I was a kid where they just had a bloke selling fish, eighteen pubs and a twenty seven jewellers. Now it feels a little bit like one of the hipster boroughs in London. Rich people dressing down and broke people dressing up. I needed to go to the bank but it turned out the bank wasn’t where I needed to go so I went to the Greff and the Greff told us I needed to go to the archive and they sent me back to the Greff having taken my email but they haven’t sent me an email yet and this is how it’s going to go from now on. Fuck me how tedious. At least I saw a copper with a tattoo on my peregrinations. I like his white hat. Reminds me of being in the Bahamas as a kid. I forgot they were here too. I was so protected when I lived here though.

My usual reaction faced with this sort of admin nightmare thing related to this ancient tangle is to just throw up my arms in despair and leave it about a decade by which time it gets even more convoluted, but this time I’m going to get stuck in properly and go back for round two, three and four. This is only one of many strings I’m trying to pull here. This time I’ll get to the bottom of it even if basically everybody wants to fob me off on somebody else.

Before lunch I stopped at the registrar because I wanted to get a look at my birth certificate and see what time I was born. They are closed for COVID and I’ll have to do it online. I had lunch at the Arts Centre but it felt more like a cinema café and everybody was extremely anxious. Then I went back to the hotel before time in order to try and fill some forms in online and because, on the first day I’ve been able to get out it kept bloody raining on me…

I’ve been here a whole fecking week already. How did that happen so fast? Good God.

The hotel asked me if I was staying further and it’s definitely cheaper than anywhere else especially considering I get a nice sandwich for lunch. I agreed. Self catering will have to wait until I think I can sort something out from his tangled up impossible mess I’m trying to work out. This place is a minutes walk from the park and actually very convenient for everything. If I end up in a place where I can cook I’ll be too comfortable maybe. I have the advantage of wanting to get out of my room here at the first opportunity.

Sleep now and another go tomorrow. I’ve got to see an old family friend but I’m holding off because he’s 80. Gonna arrive brandishing my third test certificate so he can’t avoid me by saying I might be contagious.

The best thing about this room is it has a good big hot bath. I just got out. I’m sleepy and pickled. Good night/good morning. Boing. X

Author: albarclay

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