Boxes and naps

My friend moved to Olympia. I got a few quid to help her move in. Now I really know how lucky I am to have a lift.

It’s a top floor flat with two internal flights of stairs. The mattress was a killer. By the time I was finished I was no good to anyone. I went back home. As you’ll have seen from photographs, The Chairman likes to sleep on my half of the bed when I’m not there. Sure enough, there he was. I curled up next to him, just for a second, and gently held his belly as he started purring. I woke up two hours later. A cat nap. “Where are you going,” he seemed to say when I untangled from his happy warmth.

I have been meaning to get my flat ready for a friend to stay in while I’m in Jersey. That’s been my slow focus for some time now. I haven’t really been as efficient as I could’ve been, as nobody reading this will be surprised to hear. I did as much as possible in as short a time as possible, assisted by my delightful brother. It’s just much nicer to do anything with company. Even the heavy lifting this morning was in company with two fine gentlemen, one of whom drives a Luton van and knows lots of the people I know. Max and I talked about everything, as it always has been with us, from Kipling to governance through our parent’s friends, to Blondie and Atheism. His scientific brain has always elided well with my chaoshead. The two of us could make something curious and thought provoking, I think. It’s probably time to think of a way to combine our schticks.

But first, Jersey. We got everything into the spare room, which at least is out of the way for now, even if it makes one room in the flat uninhabitable for now.

Nobody is sleeping there any time soon, but the sofa is comfortable and my nearly-evicted friend has the Hampstead flat for a few months now so I’m not going to be bedless while my friend and I share this place through the summertime. It’ll be nice to have company here again too. I like being on my own but I achieve more when I’m not.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to clean up before I leave which means early wake up, which means I’m up far too late already as can often happen when you catnap in the middle of the day. He’s still fast asleep next to me. He only really wakes up for snuggles. It’s a cat’s life.

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