Jealous cat

Gorringes. It’s not the sexiest name. I guess auction houses aren’t the sexiest places (although I’m still a big fan of Tennants). Nevertheless today I brought a picture to Gorringes. I’m widening my sphere. Working out what works where. So far I’ve learnt that – from my point of view – Tennant’s can sell ANYTHING but they’re in Yorkshire, Rosebery’s know what they can sell and what they can’t and Lot’s Road… well, they’re five minutes drive from me and I’m still never taking another thing to sell there again.

Now I’m trying Gorringes as it’s in Lewes – only twenty minutes drive from Lou. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I dropped a picture off with them today. It’s no lost Picasso. It’s by Maud Maraspin, an American woman living in Venice in the sixties and painting large decorative studies of the canals in oil. It’s pretty, and they reckon it should get £200 – £300. I’m good with that. I’ve only got a limited amount of time left to shift the biggest things. Another item I have no space for is now winging its way to find love somewhere else.

It was also an excuse to pick up Lou and bring her back with me to my lovely new bedroom. She has made a blind for the window, to keep the heat in and stop me from being awoken by the sun earlier and earlier as the days grow longer. It’s a beautiful thing – lucky me for finding such a clever human. We’ll put it up tomorrow. She’s with me as I write. And there’s an unforeseen side effect…

The pussycat is jealous.

Poor wee scrap. He was in a cattery for far too long and then this hairy strange man suddenly happened and filled his life with snuggles. He adjusted almost immediately which surprised me because he’s an old fellow and might easily be set in his ways. But there have been no stinky surprises, and he’s been right on his food. He’s bonded with me, and he has chosen territory in the flat and he inhabits and shares that territory comfortably with me.

But he just got massively pissed off with Lou when we were sitting together and not giving him full attention. He went into such a sulk that he was off his Dreamies until he got a marathon stroking session from me on my own. He’s fine again now, back in his wardrobe, but it helped me see what a delicate ecosystem this flat has become. Snake territory by the kitchen door, fishlandia at the far end with the noisy filter, the fine and peaceful bedroom of The Chairman, with his chaise for grooming and his sleepy wardrobe. I might have reached capacity with animals in this flat. Don’t ask me to dogsit, as of course I’ll say yes but then I’ll end up sleeping in the corridor.

“Pet free house” is considered to be a phrase that helps things sell. I’m glad I got the picture out of here today as if I were a jealous cat I’d be looking at things to wee all over…

Time has passed and he’s completely over his jealousy I hope. We’ve just had bellyrubbing time and now it’s time for me to go to bed and him to prowl and have noisy poos in the litter (hopefully). I’m glad to still be moving unwanted things towards people who want them. I’m glad there’s a fluffy little creature. And I’m glad of some company here.

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