I bought a new duvet on eBay. It has lots of tog and it is full of duck feathers. I slept under it last night and it was heavy and warm and I slept so damn well. It was great. I thought I’d let you know. It’s worth treating yourself to improvements that you don’t need from time to time…

My dreams are lively at the moment. My dreams are always lively, and I’m usually in some capacity, able to steer, but the dreams of late feel peopled. I often wake up mid conversation with some form of entity. I get up, service my watermelon prostate, and go straight back to the conversation. They’re usually benign, although one of them can be a little fucker. The conversations are enlightening as far as I remember, but I’m not writing them down and they burn in the daylight. I only remember snatches, and it’s the little fucker that can most effectively put things into my waking mind.

Now I have the added comfort of this heavy duvet though sleep really is an event. Warm cosy long strange colorful conversations with things beyond our ken and cosy happy dreaming. And the occasional angry oilfaced shouting gremlin. But I’ve got the measure of it. I’ll be off again soon. I can’t wait.

Today I shamelessly stayed in sweet strange slumber until ten. It was great. I rolled out of bed shortly before the doorbell rang bringing Jethro fresh from the Belgian Embassy to help get a load of redundant mdf out of the bedroom and into the car. It’s looking even more viable in there now. Carpet guy has rescheduled until tomorrow but I am confident I’ll have a nice room sooner rather than later – an oasis of peaceful slumber where I can commune with my weird entities in comfort.

I took the MDF over the river to the dump, through the bright streets of London town. Spring really is in the air now. Clear blue skies and sharp white light on the walls. With the majority of people indoors, you can see the beauty of the architecture around this eclectic metropolis. There’s precious little nature to distract you, and not the usual thing of a story on every corner. Instead you can see how there’s been a lot of time money and thought put into the edifices all across this colourful city. We are surrounded by art.

After the dump I got home and was sad that the cricket was over. It’s a massive shame for cricket fans. The first test in daytime hours shown on terrestrial television for like a decade. Channel 4 bought the rights for big money and then the wicket was so bad that both teams were dropping like flies and England dropped first. It was over before the end of the second day of a five day test. Channel 4 must be regretting paying all those millions of pounds. God knows what they’re showing instead. Endless punditry or reruns… One more test but it’s in India again and I think it’s back to our night time.

Oh and Hex sends his love

Weekend tomorrow. They come round fast. Enjoy it. I’m gonna buy some tulips.

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