Diwali has just started. It’s a bit like Imbolc / Candlemas at the other end of the year, where we make light in our houses in order to bring light into our lives. It’s associated with Lakshmi who has much to do with wealth, which is curious for me as I just had a load of stuff I consigned for auction failing to reach the reserve and leaving me somewhat stuck for Christmas unless I can roll into something else. People aren’t buying at auction it seems. No surprises there given the current environment but I couldn’t have predicted that when I consigned it all. I’m gonna end up with a bill for unsold items and insurance. Ugh.

I’m taking it as a caution from Lakshmi reminding me that I’m not actually an antiques dealer. I’m an actor / maker type human person thing and I’m supposed to be doing things in that arena to turn over the dollaz. Not just hoovering up things to flog and turning them into shinies. It can be fun doing that. But today is a reminder that it doesn’t always work and it’s not what I was built for. So as we climb back up into the light I can start to plan and dream and hope for interesting things to do in the good glorious world of story.

This world feels like a chapter in a ridiculous book at the moment. Symbols and stories being thrown around willynilly. Footballers making little “A” signs with their fingers. The Mekon consciously walking out of the front door of number ten with a cardboard box like ordinary people have when they’re out of a job. The tangerine fool working every angle to cling on to the tattered “dictator for life” dream that he cooked up with his buddy Vlad. And the majority of people being told they have to just sit at home and do bollocks-all and watch the world spin away.

No wonder people are going doolally. Stop it! Get a hold of yourselves, dammit. It’s gonna be ok.

One of my close friends ended up on a drip in hospital. Not Covid. His tonsils, exacerbated by relentless external negativity. You are what you eat. That’s not just about food. I’ve lived long enough now to see people consumed and twisted by long held negativity. Shrunk into little silly things when they used to radiate glory. It’s getting harder and harder and then this timely Diwali to remind us to make things shiny. As without, so within.

I’ve lit too many candles. It’s nice. I’m lucky in that I HAVE too many candles to light. But shiny things come highly recommended right now by a culture with some deep old uninterrupted wisdom. We can always learn from other ways.

Light. Make it happen. Just don’t burn the place down by mistake. Or on purpose. But hell this world needs light right now, both figuratively and literally. With me, my candles can often exist for years as I’m waiting for a special occasion that never comes. Tonight and the rest of the week I’m going to be surrounded with them and smelly incense and shiny happy lovely fecking things. So there.

Spotty dog, my first toy. And light.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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