The fog is down today in Sussex, perhaps as some sort of statement of intent from the weather gods. “No sunshine for a bit. Some damp for the plants.”Not the best timing as far as my friend Helen is concerned, as she’s running a retreat in the woods this weekend. Nobody’s going to get heatstroke I guess. That can only be a good thing.This is her first retreat like this and it’s something of a proof of concept. I did a reading for it and the cards said that it was a great idea long term even if short term there might be teething problems. Vague as ever, but that’s Tarot for you.Being me I made myself available to troubleshoot and ended up rolling out of bed at 5am to pick the chef up from Kingston and drive her down. I’m very curious about the whole procedure as I think there are all sorts of possibilities and I might well be trying to make something lovely in the winter in the same patch of woodland. I will get my petrol back and maybe something for my time. And now I’m down in Sussex, so I’ll head to Brighton for the evening and look at the sea.I’ve never met the chef before but driving with her just now we found so many points of contact. She used to practice the same form of Buddhism I practice but sadly got pissed off with the people. We had a lot to talk about in terms of shared understandings of how to conduct yourself positively in this world we’re stuck in, with the other beings that are stuck alongside us.

Ahhh Brighton. I’ve been listening to them valiantly trying to keep the cricket commentary going despite the fact that bad light has meant no play at all yet today. That’s a very particular skill expected of various ex players – to broadcast continuously for the whole day while there is literally no sport happening to talk about. You get to know the broadcasters pretty well after a while. Good old Blowers the ornithologist with a poetic bent, Boycott buoyed up with his own importance grinding his axe, and now Aggers getting distracted about anything and everything and managing to keep the conversation going within it. He hasn’t found his groove yet today – he’s mostly involved in an extended winge about how can it be possible despite all the technology at our disposal that we can lose an entire day of sport because it’s gloomy in Southampton. There’s a man whose job it is to assess if there’s enough light for it to be safe, and he’s the one who gets sued if somebody gets hurt so he’s erring on the side of caution. I’ve given up for the day. I reckon this whole test can be sacrificed to the weather gods and I’ll switch out my interest and get on with the business of being in Brighton.

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