In the groove

Whatever difficulty there was, it’s vanished now. The bulk of my actors did their thing today in a variety of ridiculous costumes. There were some disruptive assholes at some locations, determined to make life as hard as possible for everybody shooting. It didn’t touch me or them. The infrastructure is in place now the shoot is live. In many ways, yesterday was the hardest day.

There was one actor who was aggressively told he was breaking all sorts of laws just for looking the way he looked, immediately on his arrival at location. Someone else dealt with it brilliantly. The same someone else who reminded me it wasn’t my money the other day when I was raging about expensive wiggie.

The someone else guy got driven over and he earned his keep right there. Amazing stuff. Nobody knows what conversation took place between the two of them. It ended with a cessation of hostilities, a few adjustments of my actor’s costume, and the shoot going ahead with very little lost in terms of look. Just detail.

The someone else man is a genius. He pissed me off with his backseat driving initially on the previous job. Now he’s a miracle worker and he can do no wrong. He doesn’t read this blog, so I can safely say I’d gladly get him all the beer. I might even do it anyway, if there was ever time to drink which there won’t be for personal consumption. I’m more about getting beer for other people at the moment.

My actors all smashed it today and it’s such a joy to understand that. Seeing them coming home in various stages of the work mode I recognise, still switched ON, still with the face on but frequently already popping with adrenaline and betraying that they enjoyed themselves at work.

The expensive wiggie also earned his keep. He rocks. He ran the options and made a call on his own about L, in a vacuum of decision-capable humans.

“I think the wig is too short,” said one good heart to the producer. The speaker is a good human cursed to be better at seeing problems than solutions. The longer wig didn’t work as well as the slightly shorter one did… it had been tested by expensive wiggie, the call was correct to my uneducated eyes. I saw the long one and immediately said “no”to it out of instinct.

The actor looked fab and worked superbly in his fake beard and wig. Physically and stylistically we couldn’t have had a better man for the job based on the photos I’ve seen of him working on location. My recommendation network really is intact. Fucking hell. Not only are my friends super talented, but also the friends of my friends. I love this game of finding the right human for the right pretend.

Now I just need to keep raising my game on the sort of work I am able to make possible for my huge list of talented friends and for myself. I’ve had showbiz freelancers acting, driving, organising transport, catering, running assisting and just standing by.

There were very few actors that I see more than twice a year involved in this shoot. A few I’d never met. I cast it impartially and just wish I’d been sent the mood board so I didn’t have to cancel actors who fitted my sense of the job but not the mood board. I’m hoping I’ll get to do more of this anon. Despite my tired rants I’ve enjoyed this so far. Although tonight it’s 1am and I’m wheels up at about 5am.

I even managed to get a flamingo for my friend. The perks of the job… I love the flamingo. But it just seemed totally correct to pass it to her. It was always hers…


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