If only I didn’t live so bloody far away from Mel. Enterprise are dropping a car off at mine tomorrow at 8am. I’m in immediately in order to start moving people and things around. I’ve been throwing another net today looking specifically for drivers. Drivers are in short supply, and we have to have a fleet. If you drive in London you want to talk to me.

I’m about to be steeped in it for a few weeks, this lovely strange work. I have no idea what enterprise is going to send me. Last time it was a Nissan X-Trail and I fell in love with it for the parking cameras and the modcons. I also just enjoy how you can turn your car so easily into an extended version of your mobile phone with wheels. If you’re on a driving job and solo for a large portion of the time, your podcast listening capacity goes through the roof. Just don’t get caught, as I once did, listening to “My dad wrote a porno” by people who don’t know anything about podcasts, see the word “porno” and feel the need to express concern about the extracurricular activities of the driver.

I’m being driven across London in an Uber as the car only comes into my possession tomorrow morning. Camilo. Good lad, he is. Wearing a suit and flatcap to drive me across town in his rented Toyota Prius. I totally get that. I frequently dress up in a three piece to do driving jobs, and I’ve often garnished myself with a flat cap, although my current weapon of choice is a trilby. But it’s above and beyond the call of duty to dress well in an uber where all your passengers are comfortable in the fact they are paying less for the journey than they would with any other operator until all the other operators are finally driven out of business, at which time we’ll all be saying “remember when ubers were cheap?”

I’m home, and abed on the sofa tonight. I got talking to Camilo and then cooked supper and forgot that I hadn’t finished this until now in my post bath post sleepy drink state, as the wind and rain beats on the window and it’s late enough that even the road noise outside is intermittent. It’s so quiet in Hampstead that even after just a couple of nights I hear every vehicle though, as they gun their bike engines or angrily lay on their horns even now in the small hours.


London. Driving in this city is always an adventure. I’m about to have an adventure.

Right now it’s adventures in Dreamland…



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