Floody kids

A good friend of mine uses Airbnb and puts her flat on it. As with me she is often away for work, so she puts it on with a minimum stay length of a few days, and if someone wants it she lets me know and I let them in and she makes some money. She was worried about my availability this time though so someone who doesn’t know the flat so well let in a bunch of young men and women for New Year and oh dear God they trashed the place.

Carnage. Somehow they fused the fridge-freezer. I would normally say that the fridge freezer fused on its own but looking at the rest of the flat I doubt it very much. I reckon they overloaded the circuit somehow. They didn’t bother telling her it wasn’t working either. I got a call because the person she asked to let them in instead of me came to “check on the flat”, announced that the fridge was broken and then fucked off. Leaving the heating on full…

My friend is in New Zealand for three months. I got an emergency call from her just after my final show of Christmas Carol for the season. We were worried about freezer water flooding the flat below. I got myself to her flat ASAP and then it was the work of five minutes to put a new 13 amp fuse into the fridge plug, which is all that was missing. Ok I took it from the microwave, but I was trying to get to the bottom of things. There was a tea towel jammed at the base of the fridge, but thankfully all of the melt water was trapped in the pans.

They’d flooded the bathroom, though. That went unnoticed by checkout. I mean, the bathroom is carpeted so it’s about time to sort that out. But the carpet (still damp) is now badly stained with flood. I had to take photos for Airbnb.



Apparently there were 11 rolls of loo paper when she left. There are none now, and no kitchen roll either.

They must have flooded it just as they were leaving, and used all the tissue they could get their hands on to try to soak up the water. It didn’t occur to them to use bedsheets and then wash them. Which is probably for the best as I’m staying over tonight and I need sheets. But I’ll have to remember to be careful in the morning and not sit down for a nice morning poo, or it’ll be running water, hands, disinfectant and shame.

This is all too much mess to sort in one evening post show, especially when I’m driving a van all day tomorrow for the get-out. So I’ll stay here tonight with Campbell, put as much as I can in the washing machine, rope him into helping with the get-out tomorrow, and then over the next few days I’ll see what I can do to help get this place back to normal.

It’s weird how, since it’s my friend’s place and not mine, I am very particular about how well it is kept. I should certainly shift some of that thinking to my own home…

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